[Top 5] RDO Best Defense Cards That Are Excellent

RDO Best Defense Cards, red dead online Best Defense Cards
You know the Marshal

Don’t know which defensive ability card to use? Here we are to get you going.

Ability cards are often overlooked by the outlaws in the Wild West. This is a real bummer because these cards can often define your character in Red Dead Online. You can even make card combos that suit your playstyle and boost your strength.

Many of them have some drawbacks to balance them out a bit. However, each has its own perks. Some only work on horseback, some are for dual-wielding, and some just make you a beast in the Wild West.

5. Friends for Life

While mounted, you and your horse take less damage. This one is for the outlaws who like to ride and fight. You also reduce the probability of getting shot as you’ll be riding around. So, why not kill two birds with one stone, eh?

Why it’s great:

  • Less damage, so you survive longer.
  • So does your horse.

4. Fool Me Once

With this card, you take less damage each consecutive time you are shot. This effect ends if you are not shot for 10 seconds. So, when a swarm of NPCs just spawn, they’ll have a hard time killing you.

Why it’s great:

  • Less damage is always great.
  • You’ll survive longer.

3. Never Without One

Never Without One is basically a second chance at life. If you’re wearing a hat and you get shot in the head, the hat will sponge the damage for you, saving your life and falling off in the process.

The downside to this ability is that you’ll also take more damage when not wearing a hat, but that’s better than being dead. So, just make sure you’re always looking sharp and you should be able to benefit from this greatly. For other pro tips, check out this list.

Why it’s great:

  • You won’t die if you’re shot in the head.
  • It makes you look good if you’re into it.

2. Strength in Numbers

When this is equipped, you take less damage for every nearby ally, up to a maximum of three allies. If you’re like me and like to hang out with your friends in-game, this one is for you. Many a penny makes a pound.

Why it’s great:

  • You take less damage.
  • So do your posse members.

1. The Unblinking Eye

Dead Eye and Eagle Eye drain slower. Deadeye is a vital core in the Wild West. You need your eagle eye to find valuable stuff and the use of your dead eye in fights is beyond explanation. This card boosts the use of this vital core.

Why it’s great:

  • More dead eye.
  • More eagle eye.
  • Better and more intense fights.

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