[Top 5] RDO Best Trader Animals That Are Great (And How To Get Them)

The bravest of hunters!

Let’s find out the best beasts to hunt for the trader role in Red Dead Online.

Hunting is one of the most essential activities in the Wild West. Whether you hunt for money or for your camp, it’s always fun to be a predator. It’s fun doesn’t really mean that it’s always easy. Hunting can be quite tricky in RDO.

You can find more than 150 species of animals in Red Dead Online. Hunting each animal depends on its size. Their size determines how you can get a clean kill. You should always try to kill animals with a 3 star and with a single shot. For the trader role, remember to bring the whole carcass to Crips for the best output.

5. Alligator

Deadly but slow!

Alligators are one of the largest predators in RDO. They are incredibly easy to hunt as they are slow. However, you should never get too close to them. You won’t stand a chance if they bite you.

Where to find them
Alligators live in the swamp and river delta regions of Lemoyne in southern Bluewater Marsh and all-around Bayou Nwa.

How to hunt them
Alligators can be found in the swamps of Lemoyne, Lagar, Blue Water Marsh, and near San Denis. The Bolt Action Rifle is the best weapon to use when hunting Alligators. If you use Dead Eye when hunting an Alligator, the brain will glow red, giving you an opportunity to get a perfect kill.

Details: Alligator | Red Dead Wiki

4. Whitetail Buck

The most beautiful of preys!

Whitetail Bucks are almost everywhere in the Wild West. They are very fast and gallop about sporadically when spooked. This can make it difficult to land a well-placed body shot that will not harm the pelt.

Where to find them
The buck can be found in virtually all locations though uncommonly in Grizzlies West. Greater concentrations seem to be to the east, with only sparse populations within New Austin.

How to hunt them
The Whitetail Buck can often be found grazing alone. A headshot with a rifle or a sniper should get you a perfect kill. The Does, however, can be incredibly skittish. So, a stealthy approach to hunting them is required.

Details: Buck (RDR 2) | Red Dead Wiki

3. Moose

One of the rarest beauties!

Moose are extremely large and love the rather arctic areas of the Wild West. Moose is also a great food source, providing players with large portions of Mature venison.

Where to find them

  • At Painted Sky and Strawberry (to the southwest) in Big Valley
  • At Willard's Rest in Roanoke Ridge
  • At Aurora Basin and Bear Claw in Tall Trees
  • At Wapiti Indian Reservation (to the east) and O'Creagh's Run (to the northwest) in Grizzlies East
  • At Colter (to the east), Cairn Lake, Cattail Pond, Lake Isabella, and Barrow Lagoon in Grizzlies West

How to hunt them
Powerful rifles work very well against Moose. A headshot will generally ensure a perfect kill. They're too big to carry away though, so there's no need to worry about damaging the carcass. Moose can be seen in the area around the Wapiti Indian Reservation.

Details: Moose | Red Dead Wiki | Fandom

2. Bison

The largest of beasts!

The Bison is one of the largest herbivores roaming the Wild West. They are not seen often but are a nice haul if taken down.

Where to find them

  • Great Plains
  • Hennigan's Stead (southwest)
  • The Heartlands (southwest)
  • Emerald Ranch (west)

How to hunt them
Bison can be found in the field of New Hanover west of Heartland Overflow, not far from Emerald Ranch. Bison also graze in southwest Elizabeth on Great Plains, southwest of Black Water. You should use a powerful sniper to hunt Bison. High velocity and express ammo will always give you an edge.

Details: Bison | Red Dead Wiki

1. Cougar

The deadliest!

Hunting a Cougar can be a thrill ride for an experienced cowboy and surely a deadly endeavor for the unprepared. Cougars are large and will most likely attack a player without any warning, so those hunting them would do well to stay on their toes.

Where to find them
Cougars can be found primarily in SouthWest New Austin, though a notable population seems to exist within Big Valley and north of Roanoke Ridge.

How to hunt them
They can be found in New Austin near Gaptooth Ridge and south of Benedict Point. These mountain lions also live in West Elizabeth outside of Big Valley. Rifles are your best friends against a Cougar.

Details: Cougar (RDR 2) | Red Dead Wiki | Fandom

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