[Top 10] RDO Best Food And How To Get Them

Red Dead Online Best Food
Brewing coffee at the camp

Here's our list of food that can get you up and running!

Most players would really choose to die and respawn if it were easier. That is probably why Red Dead doesn’t allow you to respawn with full attribute cores, i.e. Health, Stamina, and Deadeye cores.

As food is an essential part of this game, we’re bringing you the top 10 foods you should always carry.

#10 Apples

You can find free apples at the Braithwaite Manor

Apples are vital even though they rank low among other foods. Whenever you need a quick regeneration, the apple will always be there for you.

What it does

  • Slightly restores your health and stamina
  • Great for restoring your horse’s health and stamina

How to get it

  • Buy them from a general store
  • There’s always free apples at the Braithwaite Manor

#9 Canned Beans (basically every canned food)

Schmitz baked beans

Beans are really good when you need a quick pop in the middle of a fight. Don’t forget to stock up if you don’t need blazing gold cores.

What it does

  • Fills half of the health core
  • Fills half of the stamina core

How to get it

  • Buy from the general store

#8 Guarma Rum

Cinco Torres' Guarma Rum

You can’t become a cowboy unless you have a drinking habit. You should always carry these if you don’t want to miss a headshot.

What it does

  • Slightly increases Stamina and Dead Eye Cores

How to get it

  • Buy from the general store
  • Loot from dead bodies (almost everyone carries it)

#7 Cheese Wedge

Eating cheese wedge

Cheese wedges are considered one of the best weapon wheel foods in RDO. They can be a bit pricy but they are surely worth the price.

What it does

  • Moderately increases Health and Dead Eye Cores

How to get it

  • Buy from the store or loot

#6 Cigars

Lighting one up in the wild west

Yes, Cigars! You gotta stay focused in the wild west. If you’re a Deadeye-using player like us, you never wanna run out of Cigars.

What it does

  • Slightly damages health core, BUT
  • Greatly increases Dead Eye core

How to get it

  • The general stores, if you choose to buy them
  • Loot (everybody in this game carries cigars or cigarettes)
  • Every sheriff’s office has a pack of premium cigars if you can get your hands on them

#5 Big Game

Cooking big game at the camp

The name says it all. If you want to restore your cores big time, this should be your go-to thing. You gotta hunt big, too, if you want to eat it. Perhaps gather some herbs if you want your meat to taste and work better.

What it does

  • Fully restores all cores, PLUS
  • Minty Big Game gives you a gold health core
  • Oregano Big Game gives you a gold stamina core
  • Thyme Big Game gives you a gold dead eye core

How to get it

  • Hunt big game meat
  • Gather Mint, Oregano, or Thyme
  • Cook at a fire

#4 Special Health Cure

Special Health Cure recipe

This is where the list gets a little tricky. You have to find the pamphlet to craft this item but, it’ll be worth it.

What it does

  • Gives you a gold health core

How to get it

  • Get 2x Ginseng,
  • 2x Yarrow,
  • 2x English Mase, then
  • Craft at a fire (requires crafting level3)

#3 Special Bitters

You can even consume these special items from your weapons wheel

The same goes for this item, too. You gotta find the pamphlet first to learn how to craft it. You can loot them from dead bodies if you’re lucky.

What it does

  • Gives you a gold stamina core

How to get it

  • Get 2x Sage
  • 2x Burdock Root
  • 2x Violet Snowdrop
  • Craft at a fire (also level 3)

#2 Special Snake Oil

Special Snake Oil recipe

Not new to the concept of learning how to cook, are you? Then get on with it and find this badass in the wild west!

What it does

  • Gives you a gold dead eye core

How to get it

  • Get 2x Indian Tobacco
  • 2x Currants
  • Craft at a fire (obviously level 3)

#1 Camp Stew

Camp recipes

This is the most underrated item on the list even though it is arguably the best food in Red Dead Online. The camp stew stays in the pot for 3 in-game days (72 minutes) and the supply is obviously unlimited within those 3 days. These stews regenerate all of your cores equally. The base stew is free and always stays there in the pot.

What it does

  • Base quality stew slightly restores all cores
  • Medium quality stew moderately restores all cores
  • High-quality stew fully restores all cores
  • Superior quality stew gives you gold cores; yes, all three cores. (lasts 1 day/24 minutes)
  • Cripps’ Special stew gives you gold cores. (lasts 3 days/72 minutes)

How to get it

  • Purchase the Stew Pot upgrade from Cripps at your camp
  • Interact with the pot and make stew
  • You might need to collect ingredients if you don’t already have them.

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