[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Burst Characters (Ranked)

The Traveler faces an emerging God
The Traveler solving another national issue for an Archon

What is a fighting game without characters showing off their ultimate moves? Fortunately, in Genshin Impact, everyone has one, and they can do everything from buffing and healing to petrifying and destroying.

Read along to find out which characters have the best elemental bursts in the game so far (Patch 3.2). We’ll be considering bursts in terms of damage, style, and utility combined. Also keep in mind that these characters are judged at C0 to measure combat prowess fairly.


10. Arataki Itto (DPS)

The supposedly most notorious gang in the whole of Inazuma

First up on our list is someone who never does anything without style. This Inazuman might look like a villain from a comic book, but trust me, he wouldn't even hurt a fly. 

Arataki Itto, the leader of the Arataki Gang, is a being of raw strength and pureheartedness. He’s a DPS whose gameplay revolves around empowering himself with his burst. Once he taps into his inner Oni powers, he pounds away at anybody in his way, with the help of his friend Ushi of course.


He’s currently unmatched when it comes to absolute macho coolness. His burst animation has one of the best artworks behind it featuring an actual red Oni that represents his inner strength. It also converts a majority of his DEF into ATK which can reach up to 5000 if you build him right. 

Using him in a team with other geo characters, particularly Gorou, is ideal for him, as he appears misplaced with other element types. Nonetheless, he shows everyone that flashy elemental reactions aren't needed to take down even the biggest of baddies.

Pros of using Itto?

  • He’s the tallest character model in the game so far (thank the spiky hair and horns).
  • Relies solely on raw power; no reactions are required.
  • He benefits greatly from all the stored up DEF artifacts in the inventory.

Cons of using Itto?

  • Low damage output without his burst.
  • Doesn’t fit in with other elements.
  • Needs a battery to sustain his energy.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Spam charged attacks that can reach up to 30k or more per hit.
  • Feel the power of a mystical Japanese demon.
  • Throw a bull right into your enemies’ faces.

Best Itto Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-arataki-itto-builds-1

Itto Power Rating: 90/100


9. Kamisato Ayaka (DPS)

The streets of Inazuma light up with her presence 

She’s as beautiful as she is powerful. She represents all the good in Inazuma’s higher class, a princess for the people who isn't afraid to bring her blade out to fight injustice.

Kamisato Ayaka is a main DPS that excels at applying cryo with every part of her kit. Her burst produces a giant ice vortex that deals so much damage even without reactions. With melt, a single rotation can even take down bosses.


She has one of the most straightforward kits ever. In a way, this is a good thing because you don’t need to think about building any stacks or overthinking your team composition. Ayaka simply brings a lot of AoE cryo to the table and has good scaling.

It’s ideal to take a good pyro applicator in a team with her for massive melts. Going for a hydro teammate is also a good path to take if you’re more into freeze. 

Pros of using Ayaka?

  • Great damage scaling.
  • Weapon cryo infusion has no downtime.
  • Scales with CRIT DMG which makes getting better CRIT ratios easier.

Cons of using Ayaka?

  • Not everybody likes her dash.
  • High burst energy requirement.
  • Eats up a lot of stamina.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Apply consistent cryo.
  • Feel like a princess.
  • Dash above water as an icy storm.

Best Ayaka Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-kamisato-ayaka-builds

Ayaka Power Rating: 90/100


8. Diluc (DPS)


Time for retribution

One of the first 5 star DPS characters introduced in the game. This guy made people want to lose their 50/50.

Diluc is a pyro main DPS that relies heavily on his claymore for attacks. His burst is a huge pyro slash that summons a burning phoenix along its path that brings enemies along with it. If that wasn't cool enough, he immediately infuses his weapon with pyro so you can finish off your enemies.


He’s the closest you can get to what a general warrior type character is in RPGs. With that, we can’t deny that his burst has one of the coolest concepts in the game. If you’re lucky enough to have his skin, it gets even more mysterious and fiery with the added effects.

This isn't all for show though, it can actually deal a good amount of damage. The only downside is, if you don’t kill your enemies with your burst, you're going to have to run and chase them back.

Pros of using Diluc?

  • First character to ever have a 5 star skin.
  • Can break shields and ores as a claymore user.
  • Scales with CRIT Rate making him easier to optimize.

Cons of using Diluc?

  • Really slow attack animations.
  • When not using melt or vaporize, damage is minimal.
  • Burst pushes away enemies.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Burn enemies with the power of a phoenix.
  • Mix elemental skill attacks with normal attacks.
  • Wave continuous combos through his charged attack.

Best Diluc Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-diluc-builds

Diluc Power Rating: 87/100


7. Eula (DPS)

The Spindrift Knight who always vows to take her vengeance

This character is no doubt the best physical DPS in the game right now. Her kit was made for it, and so is her signature weapon.

Eula is a claymore user who actually has decent attack speed. Her burst is going to need this as she summons a Lightfall Sword that gains stacks every time you hit an enemy. Once the duration ends, the sword explodes and deals astronomical physical damage, depending on your stacks.


I kid you not when I say that her burst deals so much damage. This isn’t even a melt or vaporize reaction, just pure physical power. The downside to it is that every second counts, dashing or messing up your combos can really hinder your performance.    

This character, if well built, can solo boss enemies any time of day. But this game is more of a team-oriented game, so you don’t have to go through all that trouble. To make your life easier, pick up an electro-applicator and a shielder.

Keep in mind, physical damage isn’t the best type in the game as lots of enemies have high resistances to it.

Pros of using Eula?

  • Attacks are AoE and satisfying to chain together.
  • Her burst damage has such a high ceiling it's not even funny.
  • Skill has a low cooldown.

Cons of using Eula?

  • Low burst stacks can reduce your total damage output.
  • Superconducting will always require an electro-support.
  • High cost of burst.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Fight with the grace of a dancer.
  • Work for the high damage numbers you want.
  • Threaten everyone you encounter with her voice lines.

Best Eula Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-eula-builds

Eula Power Rating: 88/100


6. Xiangling (DPS/Sub-DPS/Support)


The lost God of the Stove

The most passionate chef in Liyue, trained in combat by an Adeptus, and her closest companion is a former God. If this isn't an impressive resume, then I don’t know what is.

Xiangling burns through our list as she’s not only one of the most flexible characters in the game. She also packs one of the best pyro bursts available right now. Oh, and she’s a totally free unit you can get by beating Floor 3 of Spiral Abyss


She’s one of the early 4-stars in the game and they are generally known to be good or top-tier. Xiangling’s burst is called Pyronado where she throws out her burning spear to whirl around her, dealing large amounts of pyro damage. What makes this so special is that it has no ICD or Internal Cooldown, meaning it can trigger reactions without any limitations

Pros of using Xiangling?

  • Fantastic pyro applicator.
  • Passive drops a chili for you to pick up and use to increase your damage.
  • Her cooking passive is actually really useful.

Cons of using Xiangling?

  • High burst cost .
  • You can’t move Guoba once summoned and his attack priority is a bit clunky.
  • Skill damage is a bit on the lower side.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Unleash the dreaded Pyronado.
  • Unleash the also equally dreaded Guoba.
  • See how a 4-star off-fielder can out-DPS a 5 star on-fielder.

Best Xiangling Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-xiangling-best-builds

Xiangling Power Rating: 90/100


5. Mona (Sub-DPS/Support)

The power of the stars are in her hands

Who knew that bubbles could be so deadly? Well, I guess bubbles enhanced with hydro and the knowledge of astrology could.

Mona is a sub-DPS that specializes in off-field hydro application and team setups. Her burst captures enemies in bubbles, rendering them motionless. Popping these bubbles not only deals a huge amount of damage but also buffs the attack used to pop them.


Mona is a must-have if you’re aiming to screenshot your high damage numbers. You can surpass 100k easily with a good vaporize. It’s also handy to wrap everyone in bubbles so you can have time to heal your units, buy time for cooldowns, or restart your rotation.

Overall, Mona is a great utility character, just make sure you have enough ER.

Pros of using Mona?

  • Great hydro application.
  • Great for exploration.
  • Skill can keep enemies at bay.

Cons of using Mona?

  • Not everyone likes her dash.
  • Really squishy.
  • Kinda mediocre without vaporize.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Achieve damage worth screenshotting.
  • Perform cool normal attack animations.
  • Feel good about losing the 50-50.

Mona Power Rating: 88/100


4. Venti (Sub-DPS/Support)    

The God of Freedom walks among his people as a lowly bard

Our list includes the first ever featured 5-star character, who still holds his own. We can only imagine his true strength when he has his gnosis.

Venti, the Anemo Archon has one of the most useful bursts in the game. He creates a giant black hole that sucks in almost everything inside. From there, you can unleash all your team’s other attacks for good measure.


Anemo is associated with crowd control, and Venti does this really well. Having enemies grouped up in front of you is really handy in Spiral Abyss. It also helps that the burst itself deals a lot of damage and absorbs the first element it can, so you can set up your next reaction with a bit more ease.

Pros of using Venti?

  • Great for exploration.
  • Can generate a good amount of his own energy.
  • Burst can be useful for literally any team.

Cons of using Venti?

  • Bigger enemies can’t be sucked in by his burst.
  • Targeting can be off at times.
  • Not good against enemies with shields.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Gather enemies conveniently into one spot.
  • Create your own wind currents.
  • Hear him play his lyre.

Best Venti Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-venti-builds-1

Venti Power Rating: 92/100


3. Raiden Shogun (DPS/Sub-DPS/Support)

The dreaded Musou no Hitotachi needs no introduction

Now you shall perish! The queen of electro makes short work of her foes. and does it with absolute style.

Raiden Shogun is more commonly played as a sub-DPS with her skill applying off field electro and bringing her out to pop her burst when stacks are full.

What this does is she brings out her sword and performs a gigantic slash that can slice up entire islands and she enters a sword mode for some time to clean up whoever is left. Hitting enemies while in her sword mode generates energy for the entire team.


This mean lady brings so much value with the little time that she’s on the field. She can work with any team, but having teammates with high burst costs will help you a lot with her stacks.

As the embodiment of electro, she revolves around the use of ER so make sure you have at least 250 for her and put the remaining stats into ATK or CRIT.

Pros of using Raiden?

  • Performs the greatest samurai attack in existence.
  • Generates energy for the entire team.
  • Buffs teammates with her skill.
  • Excellent electro application.

Cons of using Raiden?

  • Her burst costs 90 energy!
  • Skill damage is just decent.
  • She can’t cook!

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Ensure electro is applied for a good duration.
  • Feel the power of a warrior god.
  • Have a cool electro ring on your back wherever you go.

Best Raiden Shogun Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-raiden-shogun-builds-2

Raiden Power Rating: 95/100


2. Zhongli (DPS/Sub-DPS/Support)

The God of Contracts and his earthen companion during the earlier years of Teyvat

Nothing can beat bringing down meteors on your foes' heads. Well, perhaps bringing up a shield that can tank anything could help. Luckily this guy can do both.

The God of Contracts, Zhongli, is too wise and skilled to not make our list. He’s generally played as a support, with his shield being the main attraction, but this doesn't take away from the fact that he has one of the best bursts in the game. He slams a meteor right in front of him dealing good geo damage while petrifying his foes for a duration so you can do follow-up attacks or use the breathing room to prepare.


One of the best 5-stars in the game. Zhongli doesn't disappoint when it comes to shielding, as that’s what geo is closely associated with. 

Having him on your team turns the game into easy mode. Squishy characters are blessed to have his protection. But of course you’re going to want to have the guy who drops meteors on your team.

Pros of using Zhongli?

  • The game's oldest archon still packs a punch.
  • Can easily destroy ores.
  • Large AoE attacks.

Cons of using Zhongli?

  • Can only produce crystallize reactions.
  • Takes a long time to generate energy.
  • You can accidentally climb his pillar when dashing.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Harness the power of geo.
  • Tank almost any attack in the game.
  • Use his skill to get elevation when exploring.

Best Zhongli Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-builds-for-zhongli

Zhongli Power Rating:96/100


1. Bennett (Sub-DPS/Support)

When exploring with Bennett, simply surviving the adventure is a feat on its own

Our best boy dominates above all. He’s as clumsy as can be, but in combat, many consider him to be more valuable than most 5-star characters. 

Bennett is not an archon, he is not royalty, and he was not trained by a supernatural being. He’s just a really hard-working kid from the Adventurer’s Guild. This doesn't take away the fact that his burst takes the cake on our list with its great ATK boost and healing. He’s the gold standard of support units, and it may be some time before we see anyone dethroning him.


Bennett can instantly make any team uber powerful. Standing inside his burst can give you up to 1000 ATK and his heal may only reach up to 70% HP but it heals so much, so fast that you can tank nearly anything while inside it. If you’re worried about ER, his skill can be cast at a really low cooldown, so you can keep casting it almost anytime you switch to him. 

Pros of using Bennett?

  • With only 60 energy, you can cast the best burst in the game.
  • ATK buff+healing = OP.
  • Low skill cooldown.

Cons of using Bennett?

  • His completely charged skill throws you backward.
  • Needs to get to level 90 to maximize his ATK buff.
  • Can only heal up to 70%.

Use This Character If You Want To

  • Use the best 4-star in the game.
  • Build him in any way you want.
  • Get those insane damage numbers because of his buff.

Best Bennett Builds: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/genshin-impact-best-bennett-builds-2

Bennett Power Rating: 98/100


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