[Top 5] Dead by Daylight Best Anti-Loop Killers And Why They're Great

Deadly creatures of the Entity
Your usual route is only going to lead to your death with these killers.

We’ve all been there in Dead By Daylight as the killer going up against survivors who know exactly what they’re doing. With a supply of pallets and vaults and enough loops to drain your soul, Survivors can easily outrun any killer and complete the generators to escape in record time with no hooks… Or can they? A few killers exist in the roster that defeats the looping abilities of the survivor and makes it much harder for them to avoid their eventual fate.  Today we’ll be looking at some of the best killers who are anti-loop, and why they are.


5. The Artist

"Are we nothing but prisoners to our sorrow?" — Carmina Mora


At a young age, Carmina Mora lost her mother to abandonment, bearing the guilt of her brother's death, she found kinship with the crows, and lost both her arms to tongue to masked men later in her life who were attacked and killed by crows, Carmina Mora was taken by the Fog to serve its purpose… The Artist is a tricky killer to face and to play with. Able to place down three crows made of ink, she can fire them off as projectiles to either mark with crows or wound them depending on different factors. Looping her is certainly a risky play should one take up the endeavor.

What makes The Artist great for anti-looping:

  • Her ability to place crows allows her to down survivors through walls and can fly across the map, placing traps that require remote activation and good timing.
  • Her speed of 4.6m/s allows her to catch up quickly should a survivor try to take it slow to avoid crows.
  • Her addons for her crows can easily toy with a survivor’s ability to locate her or use their exhaustion while they’re being swarmed with them, putting a big focus on her ability to debilitate her prey.


4. The Executioner

“It’s him…” — Unknown


Coming from the fog of Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head encroaches into The Entity’s trials to dish out his punishment. Arriving with unique perks and abilities, The Executioner seeks out and executes the survivors in his sadistic ways, ensuring they suffer as much as they can before their life is snuffed out for the time being... The Executioner is a difficult killer to loop when he is used right by a player. With the ability to leave tormenting trails to dissuade survivors from running the path covered, and a ranged attack known as Punishment of the Damned, he can easily ruin a survivor’s day and loop.

What makes The Execution great against looping:

  • His ability to leave Torment Trails allows him to punish survivors who attempt to loop him through paths he’s covered, making suffering an alternative to a hook that is more punishing and less rewarding with certain perks built around hooks and unhooks for them.
  • His ranged ability of Punishment of the Damned allows him to attack past walls, meaning through windows and even walls, Pyramid Head can wound and down survivors with the right amount of prediction.


3. The Nemesis

"It can use weapons?" — Jill Valentine


Nemesis was created as a part of the Tyrant series, implanted with NE-A parasite for increased intelligence and awareness. Hunting Jill Valentine and other S.T.A.R.S members relentlessly in Resident Evil 3, he continues the pursuit under a new master rather than serving The Umbrella Corporation, this time under the guidance of The Entity. The Nemesis requires focus and precise use of his special attack: Using the N-EA parasite as a whip. This allows him to mutate it into a stronger version of itself, allowing him to break pallets and doors with ease while continuing this lethal pursuit of the survivors in the trials.

What makes The Nemesis great for anti-looping:

  • His special attack - a parasitic whip allows him to attack at an extended range rather than relying on melee. The more it mutates, the longer the range, forcing survivors to either juke or take an early window or pallet to avoid being wounded.
  • Upon hitting tier 2, Nemesis gains the ability to destroy pallets and breakable doors. This can allow him to quickly bypass obstacles and create shortcuts while another killer would potentially lose the chase.


2. The Dredge

"Do not admit to fear, or pain, or doubt. These are the seeds from which darkness grows." — Otto Stamper


The Dredge is a monstrosity created by the will of The Entity, manifested from the repressed negative emotions of a community-driven to cult-like devotion, later tearing each other apart with hands and teeth. The body parts that remain were gathered up by the shadows that emerged from a dark fog, before retreating into the darkness it once came. The Dredge is an interesting killer with three unique quirks that make it one of the best killers for defeating straight loops. It carries with it the ability to teleport to lockers, back to where it left a remnant, and the ability known as Nightfall. Facing a Dredge should be done with caution.

What makes The Dredge great is easy:

  • Its ability to teleport to lockers makes it able to strongly dominate loops, as most loops have lockers in them. The Dredge is easy to quickly exit and attack from them, the only counter being cunning movements and using the locks to buy you a few precious seconds.
  • When charging its ability to teleport to the locker, it can opt to teleport back to a remnant left when it started charging its ability, making it able to nearly instantly backtrack and catch a survivor attempting to outsmart it.
  • Nightfall makes it harder to see when activated, charging when filled by hitting survivors, hooking them, and overtime with a faster charge with every wounded survivor. This shrouds the map in darkness and limits the vision of survivors, forcing them to make difficult choices with limited visual information.


1. The Nurse

"Still attached to the fragments of her past life, she is drawn to those in need of help." — Unknown


The Nurse, formerly Sally Smithson, was driven mad by her work as a nurse at the Crotus Prenn Asylum. She watched the carnage and horror that all the patients participated in, and snapped. Taking all their lives, she disappeared without any real trace, in the end, serving The Entity as its nurse now. Referred to as the hardest killer to play in Dead By Daylight and the most fearsome with her ability to teleport. Anyone who’s gone up against her - with a good player controlling her - knows what it’s like to loop her, and knows that it should never be done directly.

What makes the Nurse great? Simple:

  • Her ability to teleport means she can essentially negate every loop, purely based on the skill of the player controlling her. Dodging a nurse who knows what they’re doing is nearly impossible.
  • The Nurse can carry multiple blink charges, chaining her teleporting blinks to close the gap between a miss and a successful hit through the use of add-ons.
  • Although less known – The nurse unexpectedly has an add-on that makes her faster than a survivor at the cost of one less blink charge. She also has an add-on that can make her the speed of a normal killer for a minute after a successful blink hit, throwing survivors off on their usual anti-Nurse strategies.


As always, these guides are written subjectively although backed by good research and opinions of veteran players. There are still more killers that can be more effective than others on certain maps, and many situations can have different outcomes. There are of course other killers like The Trapper and The Deathslinger who can stop loops easily, and it’s up to every player to find strategies to learn… Or maybe in the future I’ll be writing about strategies for those certain killers. We’ll see. Stick around www.gamersdecide.com for more articles on Dead By Daylight, and other games that suit your fancy, so to speak. Have a good one,


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