[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best DLC Killers

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Looks like Steve and Nancy are in trouble

5. The Pig


Dead by Daylight | The Saw® Chapter | Spotlight Trailer

We all love classic horror characters. That's why we also love Dead by Daylight. The game has a roster for many iconic fictional characters; a red carpet that every one of them gets included one by one.

In this article, I will be introducing the best DLC killers in Dead by Daylight. I prepared this list according to each killers' perks, difficulty, and playstyle.

Playing The Pig requires some time to understand her power. Trying to learn when to use her reverse bear traps, her ambush and her crouch might be too overwhelming at first. But she's a very fun and powerful killer if you learn how to play as her. Even if you end up not using her at all, her perks are essential for many killers. So, it's worth buying the DLC.

Why The Pig Is Great

  • Surveillance is one of the best perks in the game. This perk notifies you about the status of each generator. If a generator regresses, it will have a white aura on it. And if it gets repaired by a survivor (all they have to do is to touch it once), the color of the aura will turn yellow. What makes this perk great is that you will always know which route to take while patrolling. This means that you will have a strong map awareness during the match. 
  • Surveillance can be combined with Hex: Ruin, making it even stronger. This combination saves you time. You won't have to worry about breaking a generator to activate Surveillance. 
  • Make Your Choice allows you to down survivors with only one hit. For this perk to activate, a survivor must unhook an ally, and you have to be at least 32 meters away from the hook. Unhooking survivors will be affected by the Exposed (making them one-hit) status effect for 60 seconds. 
  • This perk is great against SWF (survive with friends) groups since they will try to take a hit for their unhooked friends or have Borrowed Time to protect them. You can just ignore all of these with this perk. 

As we don't see many The Pig players, most survivors tend to lose against her. Especially if you master her and create your own strategy, you will be unpredictable. 

The Pig details: 

  • The Pig is a stealth killer. She can sneak up on survivors. However, contrary to popular opinion, her crouch ability shouldn't always be used. Being stealthy is good, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you should always be stealthy. 
  • Crouching makes you extremely slow, therefore, making map control difficult. You shouldn't immediately use it at the start of the match, for example. Because the chances you will find a survivor in the first three generators are very low. 
  • So, you should patrol the first three generators normally first and then use her stealth if necessary.
  • Her power, Reverse Bear Traps, is often confusing to use for new The Pig players. But in the right hands, it can be deadly. These traps get activated with each generator repaired. They expire after 150 seconds,and with every generator repaired, this time speeds up. 
  • Survivors with an active trap on their heads cannot escape by the exit gates. They have to remove it first by finding a key inside the jigsaw boxes or find the hatch. These boxes require skill checks to be correctly hit and must be searched for 12 seconds by default. 
  • Also, they are separated across the map. This causes survivors to waste a lot of time. You can alter the number of boxes, the time until the expiration of the traps, the search time of the boxes, the visibility of the auras of the boxes, etc. with her add-ons. This makes her even more powerful and complicated to be against. 
  • While crouched, she can ambush survivors. Ambush is a long lunge attack with great speed. You can use this ability to mind game survivors on unsafe loops and easily get a hit. 
  • Pro tip: don't use her ambush to get a sneaky hit on survivors. Instead, approach them from an angle they wouldn't expect you from, and stand up to hit. This allows you to get a secure hit before they can use their exhaust perks, as well as potentially grab the survivors out of a generator. 
  • This works because her growl during an ambush attack won't trigger, her red stain won't be visible for a while standing up, and the sound of her weapon will be hard to hear because of the generator noises. 

4. The Shape


Dead by Daylight | The Halloween Chapter | Spotlight Trailer 

The Shape, a.k.a. Michael Myers, is the first licensed DLC character to join Dead by Daylight. He's also the first stealthy killer. You have to be very patient with his power. He might be pretty weak at the start of a match, but he gradually becomes more and more intimidating. His power grants him many cool effects that most players aren't even aware of. 

Why The Shape Is Great

  • Save The Best For Last gives you a total of 8 tokens. Hitting a survivor who's not an obsession grants you one token. Each token reduces your hit animation. With each of them, you can easily get back on track. 
  • Even if you don't end up using The Shape, buying the DLC is worth it for this perk. Because killers that have a special attack do not lose tokens upon hitting the obsession. (i.e The Pig, The Legion, The Demogorgon) 
  • Play With Your Food makes you faster by a total of 15%. This perk is especially good for slow killers such as The Nurse, The Pig, or The Ghostface (the latter two especially in their crouch states). And if you want to have fun by using the Scratched Mirror add-on, you can double the amount of fun with this perk. 
  • Time is essential in Dead by Daylight. Every second counts. With Dying Light, you can punish survivors by slowing down their  actions by a total of 33%. This perk is  good for all killers.
  • You can be stealthy at Tier III by using the perk Dark Devotion.
  • The Shape's add-ons are very original, and they offer a completely different playstyle. You can change your strategy by putting on some of these add-ons and have fun.

The Shape details:

  • His perks and power are all about stalking and his obsessions. Stalking feeds his power. His power has three tiers: 
  • Tier I is his weakest point. He's slower than the survivors, and he can't perform a lunge attack. But he can easily sneak up on survivors since he has no terror radius. But keep in mind that he has a very deep breath, and it is audible if you get too close. 
  • Tier II allows himself to have a normal lunge attack, and he can vault windows a bit faster. Also, you can move at a normal speed. You cannot get to Tier I once you are in Tier II, which is a good thing since Tier I sucks. 
  • Tier III is his most powerful state of being. He can down survivors with only one hit. He's very loud and intimidating, announcing his approach. He can vault windows very fast and catch survivors off guard. Also, his lunge attack is longer.

3. The Executioner


Dead by Daylight | Silent Hill | Spotlight Trailer   

Silent Hill fans will love this killer. It's The Pyramid Head, a.k.a. The Executioner's turn. The Executioner has a very unique playstyle. He can corner survivors with his power and force them to get tormented. Tormented survivors allow you to completely ignore the hooking action, which saves you a lot of time. He can control the map and slow down the survivors that do not want to get tormented. 

Why The Executioner Is Great

  • Trail of Torment, after kicking a generator, makes you undetectable, meaning that you can easily sneak up on survivors. This perk is especially good for killers that have a big terror radius. 
  • The kicked generator gets a yellow aura, which means that survivors might know that you have this perk. However, new players won't know this. Also, it's not the only perk that gives a generator a yellow aura. Survivors also have a similar perk, which means you can mind game them passively. 
  • It's easy to get a hit on survivors with his big and long knife. Survivors will have a hard time dodging it.
  • Survivors walking/running on his Torment Trail will reveal their locations. 

The Executioner details: 

  • Other than a basic attack, he also has a special long-range attack that goes through any kind of object in front of you. This is powerful, and even more powerful with the aura reading perks like I'm All Ears, A Nurse's Calling, Hex: Retribution, etc.
  • Playing against sweaty SWF groups is hard and might be frustrating. Getting blinded back to back, and not being able to secure a single hook… Say no more with The Executioner because you can just send tormented survivors to cages, instead of hooks. There's nothing survivors can do to stop you from using this. 
  • You don't have to bring a Memento Mori offering to kill survivors by hand. Because The Executioner can kill tormented survivors on their last hook. And unlike the long-lasting kill animation that a Memento Mori offering makes you sit and watch, this action is much shorter. This saves you a lot of time. 
  • You can distract survivors with his butt. I mean, at least some of them. 

2. The Cannibal 


Leatherface Rework First Impressions | Testing Power, Addons and Perk Buffs | Dead by Daylight (PTB) 

The Cannibal, also known as Bubba, is one of the most fun killers to play in Dead by Daylight. He doesn’t require as much skill as the others. His power, Bubba’s Chainsaw, unlike Hillbilly’s Chainsaw, isn’t complicated at all. He’s also very fun to play against. So, it’s a win-win situation. 

Why The Cannibal Is Great

  • One of the best perks in the game that synergizes with every single killer in the game, Barbecue & Chilli, is unique to The Cannibal. This perk alone makes his DLC worth buying. 
  • If you run into an SWF group bringing four items with them, Franklin’s Demise will be of great help. This perk allows you to make survivors drop their items, and if they fail to pick them up from the ground, they will disappear after a certain amount of time. 
  • You can camp annoying survivors to death. 

The Cannibal details: 

  • His chainsaw, unlike The Hillbilly’s Chainsaw, can down multiple survivors in one swing. You have so much flexibility and control over it, as well, meaning that you can aim at a target easily. 
  • Just like The Hillbilly’s Chainsaw, you can break pallets and breakable walls with your chainsaw. You can mind game survivors with this. 

1. The Nightmare


Dead by Daylight | The Nightmare Rework 

As much as the game might say that The Nightmare is a hard killer to play, it isn’t that hard to master him. His power is pretty straightforward and easy to use. He has total map control and can easily end chases in certain loops. Even a new player can play as him.

Why The Nightmare Is Great

  • In the Dream World, actions such as healing, repairing, or sabotaging are slowed down with certain add-ons. This grants you more time catching them. 
  • While asleep, survivors cannot tell which direction you’re coming from or how close you are. Even if they know that you’re somewhere near, if they are not attentive, you can easily sneak upon them. 
  • His perks can save your life in the endgame if you mess up. His second chance perks Remember Me, Fire Up, and Blood Warden get you more hooks if used correctly. 
  • He’s a fun and simple killer to play. He generally utilizes the same strategy every match, which is pretty effective. 

The Nightmare details: 

  • Placing dream snares near certain loops helps end the chases quickly. This forces survivors to either leave or take a hit. 
  • You can change dream snares to fake pallets with a certain add-on. This is one of his best add-ons. Survivors in the Dream World cannot tell the difference between a fake and a real pallet unless they memorized the places of each pallet. 
  • Survivors fall asleep at the start of a match after one minute, or if they get hit. While in the Dream World, they can see and interact with Dream Snares and fake pallets as well as the alarm clocks. Survivors have to blow up a generator or find the alarm clock randomly given to them to wake up. Blowing up a generator costs them a lot. It reveals their location and they receive a penalty on the progress of the generator. They can also get woken up by an ally, but each time they do this, it slows down the process, wasting their time. 
  • Using Barbecue & Chilli is almost a must for The Nightmare. After hooking a survivor, you can see survivors’ auras and immediately teleport to the closest generator to their location.

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