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10. Executioner

The Executioner comes from the "Silent Hill" universe, he is also known as "Pyramid Head". He has many abilities in the game such as where he can cover areas with barbed wire to affect survivors, and even has several execution options that would stand out rather than sacrificing manually such as every other killer.

Those survivors who were affected by the power, and are inflicted with torture and go down by the killer, are teleported directly into a penitentiary cage which can appear almost anywhere on the map, close or far, where only the survivors can see it. 

Nonetheless, the killer is quite big, which can be disadvantageous against loops and can be seen from very far by the survivors; however, the powers make up for it, leaving the killer one of the easiest and most fun killers to play with.

What makes Executioner Great: 

  • The ability to put survivors in cages rather than hooking them manually saves time and also distance as the cages can be spawned far away.
  • A great range of sacrificing abilities, where you have the ability to kill the survivor once affected by torment and on death hook, saving time and getting more blood points.
  • Good weapon ability to have a long-range attack, effective during loops such as the killer shack. 

Pyramid Head full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Pyramid_Head

Executioner beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: not Otzdarva


9. Nemesis

Nemesis is a killer that comes straight from the Resident Evil Series, one of the first killers to appear in the game of dead by daylight, just before The Mastermind appeared last month. One of his powers features its nasty tentacle attacks, a mutating virus and zombies, where the zombies are spread out on the map, and the amount can be increased with the help of add-ons.

With an increased range of his weapon, the Nemesis can catch survivors even in seemingly safe places, and once powered up, it can become extremely powerful, enabling him to destroy objects such as pallets and survivors at the same time!

With an additional feature of the infection, Nemesis has the ability to track survivors just by looking at the movements of the zombies, making it easier to track the survivors, at the same time making it one of the killers that do not require a lot of skill for the player, just mind games.

What makes Nemesis Great: 

  • The advantage of having zombies as additional disruption for survivors is the ability to block and distract places. 
  • The weapon ability of the tentacle strike is powerful, such as having the ability to destroy objects and survivors at the same time. 
  • Has a very good range of his weapon, and is easy to use, much easier than a pyramid head. 

Nemesis full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Nemesis_T-Type

Nemesis beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Rowby


8. Clown

The clown is a killer that describes as one of the most 'weapons pressured' killers in the game, with the ability to mix up potions and gases which can be a problem for the survivors. When the survivors are hit by them, they not only scream in panic but are also easy prey for this killer as they have to cope with restrictions such as the blurry vision they are affected with, and also the slowed-down movement speed which can be problematic when wanting to escape. 

On the other hand, when timed perfectly, the clown has the ability to use his speed potion to catch up to the survivor, and therefore go for the effortless sacrifice. 

The biggest advantage of the potions is the slowed movement of the survivors, which ensures that they cannot climb through windows or pallets at full speed, therefore making it an advantage rather than a problem for the almighty Clown. 

What makes Clown Great: 

  • Pressured and Aggressive playstyle, having the ability to push survivors out of zones using his bottles, such as distraction against totem/hex cleansing. 
  • Very easy to play with, especially where there are not many disadvantages with the clown other than learning how to place bottle throwing. 
  • Powerful with add-ons, such as the iridescent add-on where you can one-hit survivors instantly. 

Clown full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Kenneth_Chase_alias_Jeffrey_Hawk

Clown beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Ardetha


7. Ghost Face

Ghost Face originates from the horror slasher series "Scream" and its play style is also based on the incidents in the films. Ghost Face is able to observe his victims from a distance and thus "stalk" them to make them particularly vulnerable. 

The Ghost Face's power can be trained to become very powerful, as for beginners, it can be pretty difficult to not get spotted unless the player has a good knowledge of maps and the objects which Ghost Face can easily camouflage. Nonetheless, this understanding neutralises itself, as it is mostly dependent on common sense and imagination, of where the survivors would not be looking, being from a perspective of a stalker.

Nonetheless, Ghost Face makes a pretty good killer for beginners with the ability to expose survivors and become undetectable at the same time, therefore creating the killing situation an effortless movement, pressuring the survivors and then of course walking into the trap. 

What makes Ghost Face Great: 

  • Unique playstyle, where it has the ability to disguise itself and advantageous with loops as it can hide its light aura and size. 
  • Ability to expose and save the exposed status for later, making it easier to down survivors once catching up on them. 
  • It can be powerful even without add-ons, as its main feature is based on stalking and exposing. 

Ghost Face full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Danny_Johnson_alias_Jed_Olsen

Ghost Face beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: SpookyLoopz


6. The Shape

Michael Myers also known as 'The Shape is one of the killers that can be seen as one of the most terrifying ones in the game, coming from the Halloween series of slasher films, first appearing in 1978 "Halloween", where he is seen as a young boy who murders his sister and then coming back to Haddonfield, his home, to go murder more teenagers. 

He is famously scary due to the ability to stalk survivors without even noticing, similar to Ghost Face, however, you don't know who is being stalked until the moment you realise it is too late. 

The Shape makes a great killer for a beginner player, especially when wanting to have fun, as it is the most effective for learning how to play the game, even if there are no sacrifices, there have been jump scares and pressures which is the most important part of the game. 

What makes The Shape Great: 

  • Has a very powerful long-term power, where he is able to one-shot survivors once the stalking limit has been reached,
  • Very easy to control and play with, where the main skill only relies on the observation and stalking of the survivors. 
  • Makes him a very scary killer, famous for the movies, having the ability to create jumpscares on the survivors, and powerful with the add-on with no terror radius, with the ability to catch survivors such as on generators.

The Shape full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Michael_Myers

The Shape beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Stalky Boi


5. Trapper

The trapper is a basic killer, one of the first beginner killers to appear dead by daylight, which famously appears in many tutorials, making it a great killer to learn with and getting to know the game.  

He is a killer "all-rounder", easy to learn and perfect for mastering the basics of Dead by Daylight, with his character stats being the "base" and standard for most other killers, especially without any add-ons, not affecting the killer in any way negatively.

One of the reasons however why the killer isn't on the number one list, even when famous for its 'most basic killer' is the fact that is not completely basic, and to be good with the killer, you would have to have a good knowledge of the map, so that you would have an effortless method of trapping survivors. Nonetheless, it would be a killer with many disadvantages such as catching up on survivors, which would make new players frustrated and eventually would lead to disconnecting and uninstalling the game.

It is a killer with the most basic features; however, to have fun playing would require reasoning, knowledge of the maps and of course knowledge of the survivors' most basic movements.

What makes Trapper Great: 

  • Has uniquely defensive gameplay, where he has the ability to trap survivors and catch them through his traps. 
  • The killer has no weaknesses, and it can be described as the perfect basement killer, where he can trap and exclusively make survivors unable to escape.
  • Very easy to play with, with no particular skill needed, just the reasoning and imagination itself, tracking down the survivor's movements and trapping them.

The Trapper full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Evan_MacMillan

Trapper beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: RedsGamingGears


4. Legion

The Legion is a killer of a four-in-one consisting of four teenagers which comes back to the history of the legion, where the teenagers broke into the shop, and decided to kill a cleaner, stabbing the cleaner one-by-one, with each teenager having the chance, and of course creating this killer, as they all participated in the murder. 

Nevertheless, one of his special abilities is the wild frenzy, where he can activate the Wild Frenzy at the touch of a button and then fall into a sprint with the ability to slightly faster jump over windows and pallets, similarly to the survivors would once vault at a sprinting speed, making it vulnerable for survivors to create distance from the killer. 

This killer has many beginner advantages, as it can cover bigger distances in a shorter period of time, with his frenzy power, with no technique required to learn other than having slight knowledge of the map which is useful in catching up on survivors even faster, getting ahead of them and eventually trapping them.

What makes Legion Great: 

  • A very fast killer to play with when powered up, the ability to avoid pallets, and jump over windows faster than the survivors themselves. 
  • Makes it a very strong killer, especially when all the survivors are all together, having the ability to hit the survivors all at once.
  • It can slow down the progress of the game, and at the same time, steal time from the survivors having more time to go for a chase and sacrifice.

The Legion full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Frank,_Julie,_Susie,_Joey

Legion beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Tatariu


3. Nightmare

The Nightmare, also known as Freddy Krueger famously comes from the film series "A Nightmare on Elm Street", a supernatural slasher film, where a disfigured midnight mangler preys on the teenagers in their dreams. In Dead by Daylight, they used the same reference from the movie and therefore, Nightmare has the ability to force its victims into a dream world, slowing down their progress in all situations. 

It is an amazing beginner killer, as no skill is required in the game, and with the smaller posture of the killer, and a smaller terror radius, it makes it much easier to surprise and catch survivors, especially with the ability to teleport through generators, with the visible teleportation when blood is dripping out from the generators causing pressure on the survivors, and at the same time makes it easier to kick generators, and use perks such as 'pop goes the weasel' to slow down the game even more. 

One of the most fun parts about survivors being in a dream world is the fact that the survivors are not able to see the killer in the dream world from a long distance, only a short close-eyed view, making it much easier for the killer to get a chase headstart. 

What makes Nightmare Great: 

  • Ability to move around the map very fast due to his teleportation power through generators, at the same time, pressuring survivors.
  • Surprisingly a very good hit range, a unique feature dead by daylight doesn't tell us; however, hitting survivors with Freddy is much easier than with any other killer.
  • It has a very good pressure momentum, creating a stressful atmosphere for the survivors through the dream status, slowing down the game's progress.

Nightmare full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Freddy_Krueger

Nightmare beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: not Otzdarva


2. Doctor

The doctor in Dead by Daylight is a perfect portrayal of characters who are described as mad scientists. The power he has is that he can either shock the survivors with small electric shocks which would then increase their madness, or he can also unleash a huge shock that would hit all survivors over a large range area, which would then cause the survivors to scream and therefore making it much easier for the killer to locate them.

One of the advantages of the killer's power is the fact that he can use his powers to avoid looping and chasing, for instance when using shock therapy, it would unable to survivor to drop the pallet and therefore leaving them no choice but to continue the run and eventually get hit, making it a perfect killer for beginner players who want to locate survivors much easier and not be in chases a lot. 

What makes Doctor Great: 

  • Their ability to affect all the survivors at the same time with their shock power makes it much easier to find and track survivors. 
  • With the doctors' add-ons, the killer can be more powerful as it would substantially affect the madness symptoms, making it harder for survivors to control.
  • A very easy killer to play with, as it mainly relies on finding a good spot for shocking and finding survivors. 

Doctor full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Herman_Carter

Doctor beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: Jay Allo


1. Wraith

Wraith is the second killer who has been introduced in Dead by Daylight and the first to have an active camouflage. With the power of his wailing bell, he can camouflage himself and thus walk across the map almost unrecognisable with a very fast speed, making catching up on survivors effortless and therefore at the same time having the ability to make survivors pressured and scared because they will never know the moment the wailing bell will go off. 

This killer is the perfect killer for beginner players as there are no required skills needed for the killer other than some sort of knowledge of the map that is very useful for getting a head start on the survivors, and therefore having the ability to trap them in critical situations. 

What makes Wraith Great: 

  • It has an easy tracking of survivors as they are not warned by a terror radius, and therefore has the ability to get a chase headstart.
  • The ability to be invisible has the advantages of frightening survivors and catching up on them easily because of the fast speed once cloaked.
  • Simple killer, easy to control and play with, with his main power being speed and its camouflage.

Wraith full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Philip_Ojomo

Wraith beginner guide: 

Dead by daylight gameplay by: not Otzdarva


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