[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Stealth Killers (Ranked)

Best Stealth Killers, Dead By Daylight

In this article, we will be looking at the best stealth killers in Dead by Daylight. Currently, five killers are identified as stealthy; therefore, we will rank them from the worst to best, depending on their power and skill required to maximise the chance of winning and getting the complete tetralogy sacrificial. 

Nonetheless, let the fog reveal the top 5 best Stealth killers: 

5. The Pig

The Pig Stealth Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UOlX6azR3A

The Pig is a killer that allows survivors to play a game within a game; in other words, play the Pig's game, which then would allow her to take on the advantage and hit & hook survivors much more quickly.

This concept works with the help of bear traps which she places on the survivors after they are downed; therefore, after the survivors are unhooked, they have a small amount of time to get the traps off their heads by going into one of the correct trap removals that are on the map, which would save lots of time for the killer to get the other survivors and increase the chance of winning the game for the killer. 

In conclusion, it is a great killer that can become stealthy once she is crouching on the map, which doesn't create any terror radius sound; however, it slows down her movement, which often is activated at small distances, which could create a sense of confusion for the survivors and most likely move away from the area, making it a weaker stealth killer compared to other stealth killers. 

The Pig Stealth Strengths:

  • The ability to crouch and not make any terror radius sound creates more pressure on the survivors, making it a great undetectable killer.
  • Pig's surprise attack lunge after coming out from the crouch allows her to move twice as fast, making it harder for the survivors to escape from, especially with small looping objects, where the killer can easily mind-game the survivors and get the hit.
  • The bear traps make it more difficult for the survivors to comprehend their surroundings. Therefore, it would make it more disguisable for the pig and more accessible to jump scare on the survivors. 


4. Onryō

Onryo Stealth Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlETK_A2PC8

Onryo is a killer that can be seen as relatively new to the game, as not many people are playing this killer. However, when it comes to stealth, the killer's terror radius is comparatively smaller than other killers, where Onryo has a radius of 24 metres, compared to other killers with a radius of 32 metres or above. 

Nonetheless, one of her famous abilities is the ability to teleport to TVs around the map very fast in a blink of a second, which doesn't require much time, making it a pretty stealthy killer when it comes to teleportation around the map. In conclusion, Onryo is considered a good killer, especially with the power of teleportation and glitching effects when moving around, which can create an immense sense of confusion for the survivors, making it quite hard for them when running around. 

Onryo Stealth Strengths:

  • Onryo's teleportation allows her to teleport to nearby TVs very fast, especially without making a lot of noise, compared to other killers who teleport.
  • The ability to move with glitching effects makes it more stealthy and confusing for the survivors; when the effects occur, they may look closer or further than expected.
  • Every successful teleportation within the survivors' area allows her to immediately kill a survivor once teleported the times required to attack this status.


3. Wraith

Wraith Stealth Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyvtBsU0ZCU

Wraith is a killer that is considered to be one of the quietest and fastest killers in the game, with a cloaked movement of 6m/s, making it 50% faster than every other killer by foot. Nonetheless, when moving around the map, the killer can be seen relatively unnoticeable by the survivors until they see something moving in the air, which is only realised when it's too late. After the realisation, they are hit with the fast lunge attack, which happens to be the moment Wraith uncloaks himself, moving at a similar speed of 6m/s but uncloaked, creating a chance of hitting the survivors. 

With the killer's movement speed, it can create a large amount of pressure on the map, making it easier to control generators and therefore catch any survivors off guard who might be near, allowing the killer to use the lunge & attack after uncloaking. In conclusion, Wraith seems like a very good killer, and it is pretty good for beginner players, as no required skill is needed. Still, the overall ability of mind-gaming survivors will allow you to increase your chance of hitting and hooking the survivors. 

Wraith Stealth Strengths:

  • With great add-ons, such as the silent bell, it will allow Wraith to be very stealthy and, of course, more effective to jump scares, making it one of the fastest jump scare killers in the game.
  • A very fast killer when cloaked, making it hard for survivors to spot through a far distance, making it nearly invisible when the killer moves around.
  • The ability of an increased attacking movement speed whilst uncloaking, with a greater chance of hitting a survivor, especially with a sprint burst. 


2. Michael Myers

Michael Myers Stealth Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut_LsSvciHM

Myers is a killer that is very famous for its Halloween Franchise, which can bring fright in the game, making it scarier than Ghost Face itself even though it is easier to spot Myers. In theory, the easier it is to spot the killer, the scarier, especially when you look back and see Myers standing there like a wall, looking into your soul, which makes this concept very scary. 

With good stalking positions on the map, Myers can be seen as one of the stealthiest killers in the game, as it is clearly shown it is not about how small the killer is; however, it is the overall blending in that makes it suspicious, until the moment they realise someone is watching them, creating a sense of evil within. In conclusion, Myers can be a fun killer to play with and one of the scariest in the game, especially with good add-ons such as scratched mirror, where it will be a complete nightmare for the survivors. 

Myers Stealth Strengths:

  • Terror radius is wholly hidden throughout the tier-1 stage, making it a very incognito killer, powerful with good tier-1 add-ons such as scratched mirror, which allows Myers to see survivors through objects and walls. 
  • The power of tier 3 allows the killer to one-shot survivors, making it an excellent snowball effect; in other words, for every other killer, it is much easier to find and attack. 
  • A very dark and stationary killer, which can be pretty hard for it to be spotted by survivors, in contrast to Ghost Face, where the cloak moves around and therefore it brings more attention. 


1. Ghost Face

Ghost Face Stealth Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWF6A4SvoEs

Ghost Face is a killer that is considered to be one of the stealthiest killers in the game, not just because of the terror radius that can be turned off throughout the whole game but also the overall body and posture of the killer, which would make it much harder for the survivors to spot, especially when the killer is leaning when marking the survivors, where you would only see the face which is very hard to spot throughout the map, especially when the killer has a very big reveal distance. 

With the speed of marking survivors and being small and showing no terror radius, it can be terrifying for survivors, especially at the start of the game, when you don't know where the killer is. Therefore within seconds, the survivor will be marked as exposed before you even blink. In conclusion, this makes Ghost Face a very powerful and stealthy killer throughout the game. 

Ghost Face Stealth Strengths:

  • Very small, curvy posture figure, making it hard for the survivors to notice, but easy to master, especially when leaning against objects, where it is much faster to mark survivors. 
  • A killer can be good at mind games, even in very small objects and loops, making it harder for survivors to loop around, especially when the killer goes stealthy and the red stain is hidden, making it nearly impossible for them, the survivors, to avoid.
  • Going into stealth mode and at the same time being revealed by the survivors makes it easier to find the survivors who have revealed you, making the work much easier, and therefore allowing you to find survivors much faster than not being in stealth mode. 


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