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Just... one... more... turn!!!!!
Just... one... more... turn!!!!!

7. Might & Magic Heroes Online

Might and Magic 01

Tile-based combat

With Might & Magic Heroes Online, the beloved fantasy franchise goes online as a browser game.

But don’t let that fact fool you – this game looks stunning, with gorgeous graphics, animations, and special effects. The gameplay’s laudable, too, thanks to the intricate mechanics governing its addicting turn-based strategy.

You choose to side with either the Haven or the Necropolis, then explore the map with your units. Like an RPG, heroes can equip gear and adopt pets, and have a variety of skills at their disposal. Combat takes place on a battlefield comprised of hexagonal tiles.

Aside from combat, you build and manage towns, upgrade technology, and train your troops.

It’s one absorbing title – and it’s even free to play!

Might and Magic 02

Explorers of the unknown

Might and Magic 03

Don't fall into the abyss

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nupur27 4 years 7 months ago

for Trials evolution: The bikers and stunners are going to get an ultimate experience by driving the motorbikes at superlative level. All the stunts and roadway fun that is just seen in television, is just a click away boys. Get ready to feel the splash and enter the arena with full of energy and fun loving bikers with the stunt maniacs. Its the craziest gaming experience ever. And the adaptations are even easier than any other bikers game. Racing is totally different than riding a bike, this is the first ever game where riding is experienced at the superlative temperament.

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nupur27 4 years 7 months ago

for Thomas was alone: A hilarious experience of being flat as a rectangle. I literally got the feeling of viewing the world with a body having the backbone same as the stomach and being flat as a paper. Initially, in the imagination of the maker, I thought even I would go flat and solve the mystery of being so, in the world of Thomas itself. Though the game is named, Thomas was alone. I was always standing by him and experiencing the illusion world created by the gamer. I was converted to 2D by flattening myself, but I was experiencing a 5D effect by actually playing it.

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nupur27 4 years 7 months ago

What a game it is! full of thrill and suspense ranging from entering the city to save the girl which is located on the 9th cloud, to find his own conspiracy of living. He indulges with tonnes of difficulties but he surely copes up with all and finds Elizabeth and bring her back down, pay his debt with full dignity and giving the message to young generation that: " Come what may! Never ever turn the back around the difficulties and hardships you face." I would definitely have one such masterpiece in my games wallet. for Bioshock Infinite.

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