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Hottest Babes From Fighting Games
Breaking hearts AND bones!

29. Setsuka (Soulcalibur)

Setsuka a

Setsuka is a fascinating woman. Dressed in a marvelous kimono, she fights with a blade concealed within a parasol – not something you see every day! Setsuka’s goal is to seek justice for the murder of the man she loved, and no one, not even the poor fools who have been hypnotized by her exquisite beauty, will get in the way of her revenge.

Setsuka b

Setsuka c

Setsuka d

28. Juri (Street Fighter)

Juri a

From South Korea hails Juri, one of Street Fighter’s most unpredictable characters, and one heck of a scary lady at that. Juri’s the sadistic sort, and she loves to taunt enemies with her sensuality before delivering the killing blow – in much the same way a black widow spider ruthlessly cannibalizes its own mate. She also practices a dark, twisted version of Taekwondo. We love her, yes, but we’d rather not end up as her snack, thank you very much!

Juri b

Juri c

Image by Omar-Dogan

Juri d

Image by arnistotle

Juri e

Image by NeoArtCoreE

27. Eliza (Skullgirls)

Eliza a

An elegant woman whose beauty can only be described as ageless, Eliza is a celebrity diva who not only rocks the Ancient Egyptian motif, she is also quite possibly as old as Ancient Egypt, itself. Don’t let her captivating mystique fool you though; this classy dame plays host to a bloodthirsty skeletal Parasite called Sekhmet. Approach at your peril!

Eliza b

Eliza c

Eliza d

Eliza e

26. Emilie “Lili” De Rochefort (Tekken)

Lili a

On the surface, this lovely young lady from Monaco seems more like a damsel in distress than a martial arts goddess. But with an arsenal of kicks and punches that will leave you seeing stars, Lili is definitely the latter. When in a fight against her, it would be a mistake to let her beguile you with her elegance and dignified poise, or underestimate her for a rich, fragile brat; the moment you do is the moment you lose!

Lili b

Lili c

Lili d

Lili e

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