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Hottest Babes From Fighting Games
Breaking hearts AND bones!

15. Laura Matsuda (Street Fighter)

Laura a

Laura is a newcomer to Street Fighter, but she’s already turning heads and breaking hearts. This Brazilian bombshell has got to be among the sexiest fighting game characters ever created. But the best things about her go beyond physical beauty; she’s a strong grappling fighter with electrifying lightning attacks, she’s free-spirited and super friendly, and she just loves helping people out. Her goal in Street Fighter V is to promote the Matsuda fighting style. You can be our sensei anytime, Ms. Matsuda!

Laura b

Laura c

Laura d

Laura e

Laura f

Laura g

14. Nina Williams (Tekken)

Nina Williams a

A list of fighting games’ hottest babes would be incomplete with Nina Williams, Tekken’s cold-blooded, blue-eyed assassin. Her frigid exterior holds a clue to the savagery she’s capable of, although, if you’re unfortunate enough to be her mark, seeing her face probably means it’s far too late for you to escape. It’s a good thing she’s on the side of good, otherwise, she’ll be another stunning beauty we’ll be hiding from!

Nina Williams b

Nina Williams c

Nina Williams d

Nina Williams e

Nina Williams f

13. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

Kitana a

This is one princess who doesn’t need rescuing. Perpetually at war with evil, Kitana wields bladed fans to battle, which we’re sure have severed thousands upon thousands of heads from their necks. More impressive, however, is how she has succeeded in eluding liver spots and osteoporosis despite her advanced age of ten thousand years. These royalties and their fountains of youth!

Kitana b

Kitana c

Kitana d

Kitana f

Kitana e

Kitana g

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