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Overwatch characters in all their glory.
Overwatch characters in all their glory.

5. Game Mode

This video features the Payload game mode.

Aside from the meta-story of reuniting Overwatch to defend earth, the gameplay itself revolves around 6 on 6 skirmishes, sometimes with goals like capturing an item. One team will guard their base against the other team while the other team attempts to get to something like the power gauntlet we saw in the cinematic trailer.

The other announced mode is Payload where one team must escort the designated payload across the map while the attacking team attempts to stop them. This will present interesting dynamics if the defending team does not choose the right heroes, a defense team might choose a lot of defense characters and forget about support or tanks and then be overwhelmed by a well-balanced team.

6. Gameplay

Overwatch gameplay trailer

The gameplay looks intense to say the least. Each player has some insane abilities like Reinhardt's giant hammer coupled with his shield or Torbjorn's Molten Core ability that turns him into lava. Some players have the ability to fly which changes the scope of some of the maps from purely building and ground based.

The Overwatch gameplay doesn't seem like a standard shooter, it is competitive and you will rely on your team much like Team Fortress 2. The teleportation abilities as well as Hanzo's climbing or the flying displayed by different characters will have players worried about all the corners of the map which, again, you will need your teammates to watch your back.

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