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Overwatch characters in all their glory.
Overwatch characters in all their glory.

9. Price

This is what I'll look like if they make the game over 20 bucks lol

The price has been hotly discussed because Blizzard saw a high amount of success with free-to-play card game Hearthstone. They believe it would be beneficial to offer the game for free and then just make certain characters, skins, or abilities available for purchase. The problem with that is the balance that Blizzard likes to have in their game.

They don't want to make a pay-to-win game, they want everyone that picks the game up to be able to have as much fun as they can. I believe that Blizzard wouldn't charge any more than 20 dollars for this game because it is not a single-player story-based game and the simplicity does not lend itself to a completely new 60 dollar price. If Blizzard does make this game free I hope that they keep the balance of the characters in mind even with purchasable powers.

10. Release Date

They're hard at work but will the shelve this game like Project Titan?

The release date is currently set for 2016, Blizzard is taking their time to craft a simple game that has high replay value. I know how easy it is to get burnt out on first-person shooters with the continued onslaught of Call of Duty games and the constant failures of games that had high potential like Titanfall or the last Medal of Honor. Blizzard isn't known for flaking on release dates too much so I'm hoping that they release this game early next year.

Which part of Blizzard's new Overwatch game are you most excited for?

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