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dota 2 ti6 results
Dota 2 The International 6: August 8-13, 2016 Keyarena at Seattle Center

14. Team Secret (Europe)

Team Secret is a huge fan favorite, having been wildly popular among DoTA 2 watchers. Like many other teams competing, they were created in 2014 and have been popular ever since. They were made from former Natus Vincere, Alliance, an Fnatic players who were either kicked from their teams or left of their own volition. Their popularity inevitably comes from their amazing performances in recent competition, where they won the Shanghai Major 2016 and placed second in the Frankfurt Major 2015.

Their performance in TI 6 was considered a massive disappointment to their fans, who were expecting at least a top ten performance from them—some even considered them the strongest team in professional DoTA 2 with the highest chance to win.

TI 6 Placement: 14th

Prize Winnings: USD $103,852

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