DOTA 2: How To Stop Canceling TP

DOTA 2: How To Stop Canceling TP

Teleporting is one of DOTA 2’s most important modes of travel. The map’s big, and regardless of whether it’s an enemy gank or a juicy creep wave, getting from one corner to another can often turn the whole match around. Newer players, however, often find themselves canceling their TP as they try to move. It’s annoying, embarrassing, and can be devastating for your team.

But there’s a way to stop doing that.

Step 1: Open up Settings

Click the gear icon on the top left of your screen in the DOTA 2 main menu. This should open up a new panel: Settings.

The top of the Settings panel has a bunch of different tabs. Click Options.

There’s a whole lot of useful stuff here, but today we’re only concerned with one.

Step 2: Turn on Teleport Requires Hold/Stop

The leftmost column of the Options menu has a setting called Teleport Requires Hold/Stop.

By turning this on, giving your hero commands no longer cancels your TP scrolls. The only way to do so is by pressing the Hold or Stop buttons, H and S on your keyboard by default.

This way, you can queue commands as your Hero TPs without worrying about canceling.

Take a look at this video if you’re having any trouble.

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