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dota 2 ti6 results
Dota 2 The International 6: August 8-13, 2016 Keyarena at Seattle Center

9. OG (Europe)

Though created in 2015, OG skyrocketed in a fan favorite team by being comprised of players from the former (monkey) Business team. After winning one of their largest prize pools of $1,110,000 at the 2016 Manila Major, they cemented themselves in DoTA 2 infamy by becoming the first team to ever come out as first prize winners in two Valve events.

For some, OG was the clear favorite to win TI 6 after their last two major wins; others saw both of those victories as coincidences. Eliminated by TNC Gaming, their series lasted at around 54 minutes per game, with OG winning initially yet becoming worn down by the end of their long game. Though the team’s performance was considered widely disappointing, solo middle player Miracle- was considered to be the standout MVP in this matchup.

TI 6 Placement: 9th

Prize Winnings: USD $311,577

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