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1. Legendaries

Take every horrible thing you've witnessed and make it ten times stronger.

As you journey through the Commonwealth, you’ll sometimes come across a legendary variant of an enemy. Legendary enemies fight no differently than others of their class. However, they’re imbued with increased health and across-the-board stat multipliers.

Once a legendary reaches low health, they’re able to mutate and recover to full HP. This essentially means you have to kill a legendary twice! There’s almost always a chance for a legendary to spawn, be it a mongrel or a deathclaw. While terrifying to encounter, at least you’ll be rewarded with the unique items legendaries drop. 

Fallout 4’s wasteland can be a scary place filled with horrifying monsters and unforgiving enemies. What sort of enemies and situations have filled you with terror? Leave your horror stories and adrenaline-pumping encounters in the comments below.

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