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5. Assaultron

She's beauty and she's grace, she's a laser to the face.

Developed by RobCo as a wartime combatant bot, the assaultron is an armored unit with the build of a woman. Compared to some of the sturdier RobCo models, the assaultron is as fast as it is deadly.

The assaultron is suited with heavy plating that grants it decent health and high damage resistance. It moves swiftly and fights at close range with unarmed attacks. Red static dances around its head whenever it charges its ultimate attack. This devastating energy beam can wipe out even the most experienced Sole Survivor in a single strike.

To make matters worse, its head is the hardiest part of its body, meaning there’s little you can do to stop an energy beam—other than running for cover. If you hope to stand a chance, you have to shoot out its legs. Granted, that might prove more difficult when up against the models that can turn invisible.

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