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10. Radscorpion

Remember to always shake out your shoes.

Mutated from the already creepy emperor scorpion, radscorpions are large, armored arachnids with hefty claws suitable for clubbing and a venomous stinger poised for striking. While rare in the Commonwealth, a great number of them can be found wandering the Glowing Sea.

The radscorpion’s high HP, durability, and damage resistance make it a formidable foe. They move in swiftly to deal close combat damage and are capable of burrowing in the earth to reappear when you least expect it. In addition to using their claws for melee attacks, they administer deadly amounts of poison damage with their stinger. Higher leveled variations of Radscorpions are amongst the dangerous creatures you can come across. Due to their high speed and determined hostility, escape is often impossible.  

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