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11. Super Mutant


What's green, ugly, and red all over?

Super mutants are nasty, vaguely humanoid monstrosities, with their grotesque appearance, tendency for violence, and gory decor consisting of bloody skulls, spikes, and meat bags. Nothing will send you packing quite like a squad of war mongering super mutants.

Super mutants fight with scrappy pipe guns and crude melee weapons. Skirmishers, brutes, and other high-leveled super mutants tear their victims apart with miniguns, assault rifles, laser weapons, and explosives. While the common variants are easy enough to take out, the more powerful monsters have a hefty amount of HP and heavy armor to suppress damage.

Platoons are made up of warriors of varying strength, the mutant hounds they command, and suiciders. In the heat of combat, out charges a bulky green giant with a mini nuke emitting a crescendo of beeps strapped to its arm. If you fail to bring it down, it’ll run right up to you and explode in a burst of broiling flame. Suiciders will soak up bullets like any other super mutant, but can be dispatched by headshots or set off early by shooting the mini nuke with V.A.T.S. or an aimed shot.

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