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3. Deathclaw

Oh what hath science wrought?

Though they are mutated creatures, deathclaws were actually engineered before the Great War to fight in battle. Later, the FEV was used on them to create the monstrous lizard that now roams the wasteland. These hulking beasts have dark scales, long tails, wicked horns, and deadly claws. They’re relatively rare, appearing in a few select locations and the Glowing Sea.

Deathclaws roar and stomp the ground, creating a shockwave when they initiate combat. They charge swiftly, attacking with staggering headbutts and tearing claw swipes. Their high HP and damage resistance makes them difficult to put down. They use two special moves. At times, they’ll pick you up and slam you into the ground. When your health percentage is low enough, deathclaws are able to instantly kill you by lifting you up and running you through with their claws. Yikes.

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