11 Best Indie Horror Games of 2015

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Want to get your game published without the hassle of dealing with a big name company?

Want to create something that stands apart from the rest?

Indie games aim to do just that. It used to be more difficult to create something with a little budget, but with the use of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, more Indie developers are using these to support and fund their dreams.

Read on to find out which 11 Indie horror games made the cut and the rating I gave them on the creepy scale!

11. Dead Realm

Dead Realm Gameplay

Ghosts inhabit the abandoned mansion of a deceased electricity tycoon. As you explore the environment it becomes clear that you and your friends are being hunted.

Or maybe… you’re hunting them.

Dead Realm is a multiplayer action game that takes place in a haunted mansion. In it, you assume the role of either a ghost, who gets to hunt the other humans or a human who has to survive.

The game is a silly sort of horror, in which jump scares are more amusing than actually scary. As the ghost, you can play as a baby ghost or as a ghost werewolf, both of which provide their own comic relief. Though the thought of playing a creepy giggling baby to scare your friends is appealing.

This game looks fun in the sense that it’ll keep you laughing and you’ll get few jump scares out of it. I’m rating it 5 out of 10.

The better to eat you with!

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