Top 10 Games Like Outlast (Games Better Than Outlast In Their Own Way)

Games Like Outlast, outlast alternatives
Your greatest fears are about to become a reality.

Let's countdown the best games like Outlast

If you enjoyed Outlast, these try out these 10 horror games.

10. Silent Descent

Silent Descent Gameplay

Convicted of murder, you wish to end it all. Believing that it would ease your suffering.

But you were wrong.

You find yourself in a world of pain, suffering, and anguish. A place not known to be heaven or hell, but a place known as Purgatory.

How far will you go to ease your tormented soul?

Creatures of Purgatory will try to make hell a reality.

Explore this eerie detailed world of torture and despair.

A psychological horror experience that would make even the bravest to whimper.

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