[Top 5] Outlast Best Speedruns To Watch

#5 Outlast - Insane Difficulty Mode Speedrun W/ COMMENTARY (Full Game Walkthrough) Lunatic

This speedrun is for you who wants to beat the game on "Insane" difficulty and get the Lunatic trophy. The speedrun is complete (100%), glitch-free, and has commentary and tips.

#4 Outlast - Insane Difficulty Walkthrough - Entire Game Speedrun (LUNATIC Trophy Guide)

If you want to see 100% of the game at speedrun, and in the most elevated difficulty, without any commentary, this video is the best option. During this speedrun, you can just focus on the chapters and appreciate the game. For a complete Speedrun, this is quite fast, a little more than an hour.

#3 Outlast Speedrun 22:56 on Insane (PS4) (World Record)

If you don't care about doing 100% of the campaign and want to beat the game as fast as possible using game glitches to skip parts and benefit yourself, this speedrun is for you. In this speedrun, you learn many glitches, finish the campaign in 23 minutes, and with all the ten fingers of Miles Upshur xD.

#2 Outlast Any% Speedrun 8:22.0 (PC)

Like the previous one, this video also features the possibility of finishing the game very quickly through glitches. However, despite being faster, only eight minutes, jumping over a very high wall ends up costing Miles a few fingers xD.

#1 Outlast Speedrun 3:04 (New World Record)

To end on a good note, if you have finished Outlast, no matter in which difficulty, you would probably agree that the best speedrun of all would be this way!

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