Outlast Best Difficulty - Which To Choose!

Released in 2014 by Red Barrels, Outlast is one of the most striking horror games ever produced. At launch, the game had only the standard difficulty. After a few updates, the developers added more options to the game.

Despite not having any type of defense (the protagonist only has his camera and his legs to run) Outlast has 4 difficulties to make the experience even richer.

In this article, we will explore each of the difficulties and their characteristics and, then, present you with the best choice for you!

#4 - Normal

On normal, although the game is still a lot frightening...

  • The enemies are slow and inattentive.
  • Enemies walk while chasing you.
  • The protagonist does not have to worry much about the sounds he makes when opening doors and jumping over obstacles.
  • The number of batteries you can carry is quite large, and you can find them easily on the game map. 
  • The protagonist can take many hits until dying, 3 or 4 on average.

Choose this difficulty if...

  •  If you are more focused on the game's story instead of frightening and difficult encounters with its many foes.

#3 - Hard

On hard mode, things get a little more exciting...

  • Most enemies do not walk while chasing you but run. 
  • The amount of hits you can take is halved.
  • The number of batteries is greatly reduced, but still enough to have night vision for most of the game.

Choose this difficulty if…

  • If you want to concentrate on the game’s story but still challenge yourself with the setbacks and difficulties.
  • If you want a moderate difficulty. Not so comfortable, not so frenetic.

#2 - Nightmare 

Nightmare mode  brings more shine and horror to your experience...

  • The variants are much more attentive and intelligent. 
  • They listen and search for you with much more precision, and, of course, at the highest speed. 
  • The number of batteries you can carry is extremely limited, only two, and they are hard to find on the game map. 
  • Night vision consumes the battery much faster.
  • The scarcity of batteries causes you to walk around in the dark or with blurred night vision sometimes.
  • You die with only one hit from the main variants.

Choose this difficulty if...

  • If you are seeking a strategic challenge and want to boost the haunting feeling of being chased frenetically.
  • If you want to have a more immersive and realistic experience.

#1 - Insane

In insane mode, we have the same conditions as in Nightmare mode, with only one difference:

  • It is a YOLO. No checkpoints. When you die, the character goes back to the beginning of the game.
  • If you finish the game in Insane mode, you get the Lunatic trophy and probably world recognition as such xD

Choose this difficulty if...

  • If you want the utmost challenge this game can offer, or else you simply like suffering xD
  • If you have plenty of free time and patience and have already finished the game on other difficulties.

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