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How can you miss when your enemy is three feet in front of you?

Are you ready to be terrified?

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being scared. The rush of adrenaline as horrific monsters appear from the shadows, the anxiety that remains once the credits start rolling, and the questions that arise as we sit in front of our screens and wonder why we made the decisions we did—these are just some of the reasons why we choose to play horror games.

The possibilities are endless. Evil doctors experimenting on innocent bystanders. Zombies crawling through the streets, only hunger and death driving them forward. Sinister spirits let loose by botched rituals, taking revenge on those unfortunate enough to cross their path. And sometimes, the real monsters dwell inside us, searching for that perfect moment to seize control.

Grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and let’s dive into fifteen of the best horror games available on Steam.

15. Deceit

Deceit gameplay

You wake up in a strange room, surrounded by five strangers and urged forward by an unfamiliar voice. A third of your party has been infected with a virus and ordered to slaughter the four remaining players. Your only goal is to escape, by any means necessary.

Trust no one: Test your survival instincts in this action-filled, first-person shooter. Explore the darkened corridors, spy on your teammates, and uncover the mystery of who can and cannot be trusted.

Destroy innocents: Collect bags of blood to fill your Blood Bar and transform into your infected form during Blackouts to hunt down innocents. Let no one escape your wrath!

14. Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game gameplay

Terror returns to Camp Crystal Lake! Play as an unlucky camp counselor and fight for survival, or take up the terrifying mantle of Jason Voorhees and hunt down other players. Whichever role you’re assigned, one thing’s for certain: you’re in for a bloody good time.

Unleash hell: Jason returns! In this game of life and death, the only way out is to run. Work with other players to escape the deranged killer, or head off as a lone wolf and face the enemy head-on.

Brutality at its best: Play as Jason and destroy your victims with classic slasher violence. Crush their skulls, impale them on tree branches, or simply decapitate them. The sky’s the limit.

13. SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory gameplay

A mass containment failure unleashes a horde of genetic anomalies, leaving chaos and death in its wake. Fight for survival alongside—or against—other players. Escape the destruction alive at all costs, and take down anything that stands in your way.

Evil reigns: Struggle for survival against SCP monstrosities, taking back control of the facility and putting a stop to the containment breach.

Winning strategy: Collaborate with other players and increase your chance of survival. Or become a lone wolf and take charge of your own fate. The decision is yours.

12. Detention

Detention gameplay

It’s just another boring day at school, until the horror begins. Haunted by evil creatures, two students must fight for survival in a world determined to destroy them. Solve puzzles, avoid threats, and return to safety… if you can.

Pick your poison: What could be worse than detention? How about running for your life while horrific monsters hunt you down? Suddenly detention doesn’t seem so terrible.

The long path home: Travel through the mysterious world with your classmate and find a way home, preferably with all your limbs intact.

11. Fran Bow

Fran Bow gameplay

After the gruesome and mysterious death of her parents, Fran Bow finds herself struggling to cling to reality. Surrounded by threats, Fran must navigate two worlds in order to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and discover the truth behind her destiny.

Hidden secrets: Take medication to unlock another world, navigating the horrors that await to solve riddles and escape danger.

Reality warping: Step through hidden doorways and traverse the strangeness of the realm outside the walls of the mental asylum. Really, what’s the worst that can happen?

10. Sally Face

Sally Face gameplay

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up dead. Follow Sally, a boy with a prosthetic face and a mysterious past, as he explores the sinister world around him. Solve puzzles, commune with spirits, and piece together the mysteries that swell in the shadows.

Bizarre creatures: Nothing in the world is quite what it seems. Interact with strange, unsettling creatures from the deepest corner of Sally’s nightmares to unlock the hidden mysteries of this dark and complex world.

Immersive gameplay: Dive head-first into Sally’s world and experience the terror and mystery that unfolds. With the boundaries between life and death blurring, you’ll have plenty of chances to discover the truth, if you’re brave enough to try.

9. 港詭實錄ParanormalHK

 港詭實錄ParanormalHK gameplay

A film crew decides to record a short video for their paranormal activity channel late one night. What could go wrong? A lot, as it turns out. As the crew begins to vanish and threats emerge from every corner, Ah Lok realizes they’ve stumbled upon something sinister. Something that doesn’t intend to let them escape alive.

Unusual behavior: While filming a scary video for your web series, it’s usually a good idea to stop shooting when your teammates begin vanishing.

Run for your life: Face down horrific spirits, and escape the darkness possessing your crewmate. Try not to get too frightened—the horror’s just beginning.

8. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight gameplay

In Dead by Daylight, it’s kill or be killed. Take on the role of savage Killer and eliminate Survivors, or work with teammates to escape the Killing Ground. Outwit your opponent and remember: it’s every man for himself.

Form alliances… or don’t: Alter your chances of survival by working with other Survivors, or outwit the Killer and escape alone. It’s survival of the fittest, and your life is in your own hands.

Stealth is key: Sneak through the shadows and hide until the danger has passed. Sometimes the best way to survive is to stay hidden rather than charge head-on toward safety.

7. Outlast

Outlast gameplay

In Outlast, there’s no escape from hell. Unable to fight back, your only chance for survival is to run. Use your stealth skills to evade the horrors lurking within a monstrous mental asylum and solve the dark mysteries lurking around every corner.

Found footage gone wrong: Seldom do those recording their encounters meet a good end. Try and live long enough to tell your tale.

Are we safe yet?: When playing hide and seek in abandoned mental asylums, it’s best to make sure you’re actually hidden before the monsters find you.

6. The Evil Within

The Evil Within gameplay

Detective Sebastian Castellanos awakens in a strange world, pursued by monsters and the memories of his teammates being slaughtered by an unknown force. Utilize brutal traps, take down vicious creatures, and discover the cause behind the evil force that murdered your partners.

Need a housekeeper?: Explore the blood-stained grounds in search of the truth behind the evil entity. Don’t worry about the carnage. It’s the least of your problems.

Is this reality, or is this only fantasy?: Explore the world around you, but make sure your primary focus is on survival. The enemies won’t rest long enough to let you sight-see, so sneak it in along the way.

5. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation gameplay

In space, no one can hear you scream. After the sudden disappearance of Ellen Ripley, her daughter struggles to survive against a ruthless alien. Scavenge resources, navigate the map, and keep your wits about you to survive and complete your mission. Failure is not an option.

Trial by fire: When in doubt, burn it with fire! Collect weapons, arm yourself, and face off against your enemy with an arsenal of flames at your disposal.

Perfect killing machine: Aliens are designed to stalk their prey and brutally slaughter them. Make sure you’re not on their list of easy targets.



When a deadly virus transforms Racoon City into a zombie-filled killing ground, the only way out is to fight your way through danger. Play as rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, and face the terrors awaiting you at every turn.

That’s going to hurt in the morning: Fight back against a horde of zombies, and keep yourself away from their grabbing hands and snapping teeth!

Trapped like animals: Avoid getting cornered to increase your odds of survival, or utilize your surroundings to gain the upper hand on your enemies.

3. The Forest

The Forest gameplay

As the only survivor of a jet crash, your only option is to survive. Surrounded by cannibalistic mutants, harsh elements, and the looming threat of starvation, you must scavenge spare parts, build a shelter, and hunt to stay alive. Explore the island and carve out a home for yourself amidst the chaos, if you dare.

One step ahead: You might have crashed landed on the island, but you can still get the upper hand. Craft weapons, set traps, and destroy your enemies before they take you down.

Fashionable survival: Follow guidelines and hunt animals to create stylish armor. Who said struggling for survival couldn’t look good?

2. RESIDENT EVIL 3 (Remake)

RESIDENT EVIL 3 (remake) gameplay

Jill Valentine is one of the few survivors of Racoon City who witnessed the horrors committed by the company known as Umbrella. To survive, you must defeat threats dispatched by Umbrella, navigating the treacherous environment along the way.

Just another night on the street: The zombies are back! And just when you thought it was safe to go back outside. Make sure you carry plenty of ammunition before traveling beyond the safety of your shelter.

Have you double-tapped recently?: Is your enemy really dead? Sometimes an extra piece of ammunition can mean the difference between life and death.


RESIDENT EVIL 7 gameplay

The horror continues in Resident Evil 7. Unlock the mysteries of the monstrous Umbrella Corporation, take down horrific creatures, and fight for survival against a world overrun with corruption and death. The outcome of the story depends on your decisions—so choose wisely.

A killer good time: The whole world has turned its back on you. Gather weapons, face down monsters, and claw your way to the top in order to survive.

No love lost: When the whole world has turned into a killing ground for mutated creatures, there’s no room for love or friendship. Trust no one but yourself.

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