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Music to feel awesome to!
Music to feel awesome to!

6. Metal Gear Solid

Heroic. That sums up what the Metal Gear themes evoke: the feeling that you can be the hero. That you can be courageous and do the right thing even with the odds stacked against you. It’s the perfect mirror of series protagonist’s Solid Snake’s journey, which usually has him, a single operative, fighting against hundreds of armed soldiers and giant, nuke-wielding robots - not to mention preventing the world from plummeting into chaos and saving the entirety of humanity.

The franchise has been rocking us with its amazing music since the first Metal Gear Solid, and it has yet to stop (although with Kojima out of the picture, the future of the series is clouded by uncertainty). It isn’t afraid to do something different, too. Who can forget the 60s Cold War spy anthem, Snake Eater, from Metal Gear Solid 3? Or the J-pop Peace Walker song, Koi no Yokushiroku? The upcoming Metal Gear Solid V doesn’t sound like it will disappoint either, with the haunting Sins of the Father and Nuclear heading what’s beginning to look like another inspired soundtrack.

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