15 Best Video Game Soundtracks That Will Make You Feel Awesome: Page 7 of 15

Music to feel awesome to!
Music to feel awesome to!

9. Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series is known for fusing two of the greatest entertainment leviathans: Disney and Square Enix.

It also has one of the best video game soundtracks in the world.

The main theme of the first game is so emotionally powerful you can feel your heart swelling with every crescendo. It’s a song that says many things about love, friendship, sacrifice, and bonds that never break. Which is exactly what the game’s about.

And who can forget Utada Hikaru’s soulful voice in her beautiful rendition of the song?

The series boasts plenty of other similarly gorgeous tracks, including Kingdom Heart II’s Dearly Beloved and Sanctuary, as sung once again by Utada Hikaru. We can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts III – for the gaming goodness, and the music!

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