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Music to feel awesome to!
Music to feel awesome to!

4. Command & Conquer: Red Alert

If you want badass, grinding guitars, pounding percussions, and tunes you can nuke your enemies to, look no further than the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series.

It all started with the first Red Alert’s Hell March. Complete with marching sounds, and some military dude saying something we don’t understand but still sounds as cool as heck, no music is more appropriate for an aspiring dictator such as yourself.

Red Alert 2 is just as skull-crushingly awesome. There’s Blow it Up, Destroy, Grinder, and even Hell March 2. The expansion, Yuri’s Revenge, mixes a weird 60s science fiction vibe with techno beats, but the guitars are just as heavy, and the riffs just as mind-blowing.

And then you’ve got Red Alert 3. Hell March 3 is just as we imagined it would be: the anthem of your own, personal war machine. Ah, good times!

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