[Top 15] Skyrim Mods That Add Quests

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Quit replaying the same quests and try something brand new with these mods.

Quests are all about discovery, and once you've played them enough times... there isn't much left to discover.

Quests are the heart of Skyrim! Whether they are main story quests that take you to new lands or side quests that give you more info on a side character’s backstory. Either way, if you’ve played Skyrim long enough chances are you’ve run out of quests to do. The game certainly has replayability, but once you’ve done every quest, you won’t have anything new to do. This is where quest mods come in to save the day. I’ll be leaving out some of the well-known favorites that most people already know to let some lesser-known, newer mods shine. These are 15 great mods that add new quests to your game.

15. The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros

Discover the frightening new locations inside of Apocrypha.

Fans and followers of the Daedric prince Hermaeus Mora - this mod is for you! This mod is on the slightly smaller side, but it will provide you with plenty of new content. Journey through Apocrypha once again, this time through the memories of Mora’s devoted acolyte Tsatampra Xiros.


  • Custom voice acting for the original quests this mod adds 
  • Brand new player home available for you as you pledge your support for Mora
  • Access to new familiars to summon 

Get the mod here for SE. 

14. A Feathered Friend

Become immersed in the heartwarming story of A Feathered Friend.

A Feathered Friend is a short story told through a quest-line affected by your choices. This mod is completely lore-friendly and will fit easily into your existing game. Upon exploring the Reach, you may run into a man you’ve never seen in the game before. Speak with him, and allow yourself to be immersed in this unique story.


  • Fully voiced quests with over 150 lines of voice acting
  • Quests branch off into different quests depending on your choices to allow your decisions to really matter in this story
  • Multiple dialogue options for different personalities, allowing you to roleplay your character even further for an immersive experience 

Get the mod here./se version

13. Weissadler's Hamlet

Welcome to the mysterious, small town of Weissadler's Hamlet. 

While exploring the wilderness, your character discovers a new settlement on the shore of Lake Henrich. You quickly come to realize that those who live there have had some unfortunate luck and as a result could really use your help. This mod is enjoyable for players of level 5 and up, as the enemies level along with your character. So even those at higher levels can enjoy a good challenge. 

  • Introductory quests that lead to a much larger questline that will provide you with hours of playtime
  • Dungeons, puzzles, NPCs, as well as new armor, weapons, and items 
  • Explore handcrafted interior and exterior locations and help the citizens of the settlement

Get the mod here./se version

12. Maelstrom

Some of the frightening varieties of enemies introduced in Maelstrom.

Discover a brand new island that has mysteriously risen up from the sea. This mod and its questline are inspired by Norse mythology, so it’s up to you whether or not it is lore-friendly enough for your game. Fans of custom voice-acted followers are in for a treat upon completion of this quest.


  • Tons of puzzles, throughout a large dungeon and a few other locations
  • Questline has two different endings and a custom-voiced follower, along with a second vanilla voiced follower with some custom edited dialogue
  • A secret, hidden weapon, new enemy variants, and even more puzzles (this mod puts on an emphasis on its puzzles, so it is best for fans of such mechanics)

Get the mod here./se version

11. The Secrets of Arc Cyrae

The beautiful architecture seen throughout The Secrets of Arc Cyrae.

The Secrets of Arc Cyrae is a feature-rich mod that tells the story of a young Bosmer named Arvyel. She made the journey to Skyrim in search of adventure, so naturally, she is in luck when she meets your character. To start your adventure with this mod, travel to the new location marker below Labyrinthian. 


  • Three new followers with custom voice acting
  • Four complete quests and four new dungeons to explore
  • An all-new player home for your character

Get the mod here for SE. 

10. Revenants of the Forbidden Order

Some of the new armor introduced throughout this mod. 

Revenants of the Forbidden Order is unique from most of the mods on this list for the fact that the quest it adds is non-scripted. You’ll be exploring and enjoying plenty of lore with this mod. To start your adventure, travel to the Understone Keep in Markarth and pick up the note to the left of the Jarl.


  • Non-scripted quest and a hidden boss battle
  • Unique custom set of armor, robe, hat, enchanted and unenchanted staff, greatsword, and two helmet variants
  • Lore friendly and fit right in with your game

Get the mod here for SE. 

9. Identity Crisis

Haunting and spooky landscapes are guaranteed in this mod, seen here with sprawling vines and plenty of fog.

Identity Crisis will add tons of new features to your game. This mod is certainly on the spookier side, as you’ll travel through ice and fog to the Northern Asylum of Julianos. As is the case with the rest of the mods on this list, I don’t want to give much away about the story. 


  • Custom voice acting brings the characters to life
  • New powerful weapons to forge with unique effects
  • New powers, armor, spells, and even a player home to enjoy

Get the mod here for SE. 

8. A Witcher's Adventure

This mod will have you considering buying a horse from the stables and naming them Roach.

For those who love the Witcher series, this mod is great to add a ton of new content to your game. If you’ve never played the Witcher, try it anyway! Maybe it will inspire you to do so. This mod adds a large amount of content including plenty of quests. The fantasy elements of the Witcher fit right in with Skyrim, so if you’re not a stickler for lore-friendly content, this is perfect to try out.


  • Plenty of main quests and side quests to explore
  • New Witcher signs, skills, alchemy, abilities, and plenty more
  • New world space: Kaer Fendargh, monsters, and an MCM menu for your preferences

Get the mod here./se version

7. Death Mountain 2 SSE

A view of one of the wonderful structures in this mod, complete with a statue of Nocturnal and a dragon atop its peak.

It’s safe to say that we’re now getting to the part of the list that includes the more massive mods on this list. Death Mountain 2 is a DLC-sized mod that adds over 30 hours of new content to your game. If you enjoy the mod, Death Mountain one is the predecessor by the same creator, but you can play them in any order you wish. 


  • Five entirely new worlds to explore, with custom player homes
  • Plenty of quests, new armor, weapons, followers, merchants, and more
  • Recommended starting level for this mod is around level 50 

Get the mod here for SE.

6. Inferno- Envoys of End

A very cinematic look at a powerful dragon in Inferno- Envoys of End.

Inferno- Envoys of End is a large mod that is part of a series. The first part is described as a demo of sorts, so this chapter is where the bulk of the content starts. The mod essentially adds a whole different game inside of Skyrim. Your character must conquer the shadows of the Ascended as you play through the story. This mod is made to be very difficult, so keep that in mind. 


  • Powerful spells along with completely reworked combat mechanics
  •  Xamnants are ancient scripts that upon reading will grant you new powers and abilities
  • The recommended level to start this mod is 35+, and even then it is made to be extremely challenging

Get the mod here./se version

5. The Shadow of Meresis

Your journey in this mod begins at what seems to be an ordinary river (as I'm sure you can guess, this is not the case).

The Shadow of Meresis is a story-focused mod that will add a few hours of gameplay to Skyrim. If you’re looking for a mod that will add a unique story to your game, this is for you. You discover a corpse along the shore of the Carth river. You grab the strange amulet from their neck in search of answers, yet you awake the next morning not knowing where you are.


  • New locations and dungeons to explore, and new NPCs to learn about
  • Over 200 fully voiced lines of dialogue
  • Explore around the river near the Solitude Sawmill to begin 

Get the mod here./se version

4. Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles SE

A building in the Dreamborn Isles with beautiful ivy, stained glass windows, and plenty more.

Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles in search of an intelligent sage who has gone missing. This mod adds many hours of gameplay as you discover a dozen unique realms in this dreamlike world. Help characters out and discover every secret this mod has to offer. The recommended level for this mod is around 40+. 


  • Multiple fully-voiced quests to complete across 12 dreamlike realms
  • Tons of exploration, maze-like environments and puzzles, and unique weapons and armor
  • Custom music and artwork made just for the mod

Get the mod here./se version

3. Death Consumes All

One of the larger battles you'll fight in this mod's story-focused questline. 

Death Consumes All is as cheerful of a mod as the name suggests. It is a DLC-length quest mod that adds around 10 hours of gameplay. Work together with Livia Salvian in Whiterun to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious plague spreading all over Skyrim. The longer you put these quests off, the more characters will die. 


  • Long, semi-non-linear quest line with important choices, tons of fights, and boss battles scored by a fully original soundtrack
  • A noble follower who reacts to things you say- you may change or reinforce her world views, marry or befriend her, and she is quest aware of the main story
  • 13 full quests, 5000 dialogue lines, developed storyline, characters, and lore, and professional voice acting 

Get the mod here./se version.  

2. Mythic Dawn Expansion

The new home of the Mythic Dawn in Skyrim, located in the new world of Arcadia.

Those who wish their Skyrim characters could join the Mythic Dawn, your time is finally here! This mod introduces detailed paths for your character to follow: The Path of the Warrior, The Path of the Shadow, and the Path of the Necromage. These will affect the story in different ways. The mod features a main story as well as 6 new side quests that are different for every person and change upon each playthrough, which I found to be very unique and impressive. 


  • 17 new quests in total, will fully-voiced NPCs throughout
  • 3 new vendors located in the Mythic Dawn Sanctuary, and the new world of Arcadia
  • New items, including a bow with slow speed but high damage output

Get the mod here for SE. 

1.Glamoril - The Maze of Labyrinthian

Learn all of the new spells this mod has to offer to defeat new bosses.

Discover the secrets of the Glamoril in this mod that adds right around 2 hours of original content. This mod focuses on cool boss fights with multiple phases and has plenty of new spells to master. The story and lore in this mod tie perfectly into Skyrim. Discover the source of the Archmage Shalindor’s power. 


  • 36 unique spells, and 3 new dungeons
  • A new player home, 5 boss fights, 3 of which have multiple phases
  • New armor, weapons, skill trees, spells, and much more 

Get the mod here for SE. 

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