Top 5 Best Halo Games That Didn't Disappoint

Best Halo Games
Kicking Covenant ass with Master Chief is timeless fun, but which Halo installment delivers the best experience for the player?

The Halo franchise has been a powerhouse in the gaming industry since Halo: Combat Evolved was debuted in 2001. However, it is hard to ignore that the prestige once associated with the Halo games has been on a decline in the last decade.

Widespread disappointed among the Halo fanbase has emerged among the latest installment, especially following the release of Halo 5 in 2015.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the grunt-killing, plasma-grenade-throwing fun that brought the Halo franchise to fruition, this article will guide you in choosing the best experience to get you started.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved (2001; Remastered 2014)

Why not start with the first installment, where Master Chief has his first encounter with the Covenant and the horrifying Flood. Pick up that assault rifle and blast through your enemies as you attempt to uncover the confounding mysteries that lie deep in the giant, ring-shaped structure known as Halo.

Top 3 things that made Halo’s debut a great one:

  • Partake in the original battle that started the war.
  • Gain an understanding of the backstory so that the other campaigns will be easier to understand.
  • Get the remastered version to play the game with modern day graphics!

4. Halo Wars 2 (2017)

Looking for more of a strategic gaming experience than an FPS? Look no further than the Halo Wars installments. Set up base and command your army from a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield. You will have to rely on strategic planning, resource management, and military cunning to defeat your enemies!

Top 3 things that made this game great:

  • Contains rich lore and backstories not found in the other Halo games.
  • Battle your enemies from a new perspective. The shift from shooter to strategy brings new challenges.
  • The cutscenes are amazingly well animated and bring the game to life!

3. Halo Reach (2010; Remastered 2019)

Released after Halo 3, the plot of Halo Reach actually takes place chronologically before the events of Halo 2. Reach is a planet that is humanity’s last stronghold against the Covenant before Earth. The Spartans of Reach must put it all on the line to hold off the overwhelming Covenant forces.

Top 3 things that made the battle of Reach great:

  • Amazing campaign that is bound to get you in your feels.
  • Immersive armor customization options to get your spartan looking more badass than ever.
  • The remastered version will be coming to Halo MCC sometime this year!

2. Halo 2 (2004; Remastered 2014)

If you thought the fight was finished after Halo: Combat Evolved, think again. The Covenant have their sights on Earth and seek to eradicate humanity. A disgraced elite general, now known as The Arbiter, looks to make up for his mistakes that lead to the destruction of the last halo. Can Spartan 117 save humanity again?

Top 3 things that made this game great:

  • See the Human-Covenant war from both sides, playing as both Master Chief and The Arbiter!
  • Going akimbo! The addition of the dual-wielding feature means double the fun.
  • Enjoy the remastered version in both the campaign and multiplayer!

1. Halo 3 (2009)

It’s time to finish the fight! This final installment of Halo’s trilogy tops the list for it’s timeless campaign and riveting multiplayer. Take up arms alongside the Arbiter once again, as the Master Chief looks to deliver the final blow against the Covenant. Experience the competition of matchmaking and endless fun in custom games.

Top 3 things that made this game great:

  • Get all your friends together and play some custom games!
  • The addition of Forge allows players to display their creativity.
  • Campaign wraps up the trilogy in epic fashion.

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