Mixed Player Response to New Halo Waypoint App

Mixed Player Response to New Halo Waypoint App
Time for a game changer.

With the recent release of Halo Infinite and subsequent Halo popularity spike, Halo has released a completely revamped Halo Infinite-ready Halo Waypoint app.

Halo announced the release of the Halo Waypoint app on Monday, 8 November 2021. The Waypoint app is available for download on Android and iOS. The app is a 58-megabyte download on Android and a 62.8-megabyte download on Apple.

The Waypoint app allows character customization. Image by Halo.

Halo Waypoint requires Android 5.0 and up and iOS 11.0 or later. The app is rated as 16+ for strong violence and is developed and offered by the Microsoft Corporation.

The app has 3 primary functions. One is to allow players to track their progress through Halo Infinite and customize their Spartans. 

The second purpose is to serve as a mobile Halo news source so that players can be up to speed with the latest developments and occurrences related to Halo Infinite. 

The third primary function of the app is to allow players to stay in touch with their in-game friends through the messaging system within the app.

Watchdog armor coating. Image by Halo.

The player response to the app has been very mixed so far, with Android users giving the app an average rating of 3.5 stars, whereas Apple users have given an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Most of the reviews indicate that the app is not bad, however, there are some bugs and User Interface issues that need to be dealt with as they significantly detract from the experience.

A common complaint seems to be that text is cut off on certain screen sizes, especially with Android. 

One user commented: “Seeing Halo progression is great, mobile news experience is subpar. The home News opens in browser for Android users and the site for Halo Waypoint is applying the wrong size screen.

This results in a cutoff of news text. If the Waypoint web development team can make their website more fluid for any sized screen it would help immensely.”

Although Apple users have generally given a more positive rating, there are similar complaints among the Apple users.

Despite the bugs and mixed reviews, the overall response to the app leans to a slightly more positive side, and with bugs being fixed and player reviews being taken into account with future updates, the Halo Waypoint app has the potential to become highly popular among the Halo community.

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