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Ugh, just ten?

Halo, one of the most influential shooters in gaming history, has had some incredible games over the series’ lifespan.  With Halo Infinite coming out soon, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable and badass weapons of the current installment, Halo 5.  All of these weapons (except for one) regularly appear in the Super Fiesta playlist in Matchmaking.

10. ONI Gauss Turret 

The ONI Gauss Turret earns our tenth spot for its raw power.  Available in Campaign and Warzone, this weapon is a MAC gun you can carry around on foot and devastate your opponents.  While your movement is slowed using the Gauss Turret, with a little cover, no foot soldier or vehicle can do much against it.  In the turret category, it doesn’t get better than this. This model is semi-automatic, shooting nine rounds of 25×130mm M485 HV/FTHPP ammunition.

The pain train has no brakes.

9.  Hailstorm

Hailstorm is a modified version of the Needler.  You may be asking why a Needler is making the top ten weapons list, but this gun is no joke.  Hailstorm shoots faster, has better tracking, and a larger magazine capacity than the standard Needler.  Catching enemies in a hallway or in the open at close to medium range makes this weapon absolutely devastating.  

Hailstorm has 33 needles/magazine, shooting at 480 RPM, at an effective range of 100 feet unscoped.


Why not make them a pincushion?

8.  Dying Star

Dying Star is the highly upgraded version of the Promethean Light Rifle.  This bad boy fires adhesive pulsewave explosives, and upon a killing shot will disintegrate an enemy completely.  Just three shots on a fully-shielded Spartan will bring him or her down and possibly anyone standing close to them as well.  

Dying Star has an 8 round magazine, shooting at 192 RPM, with an effective range of 100 feet unscoped.

Incendiary rounds, anyone?

7, SPNKr Prime

Ah, the SPNKr Prime.  While looking like your standard rocket launcher on the ground, you’ll know it’s anything but when you pick it up.  While holding on to this beauty, your Spartan gains a speed boost, extra shields, and increased jump height. As if that wasn’t enough, the rockets shoot incredibly fast.  It takes maybe a second for the rocket to reach the target after you pull the trigger, and you get two shots before having to reload.  

The SPNKr has a 2-rocket disposable tube assembly feed system, shooting M19 102mm surface-to-surface missiles, with a muzzle velocity of 90 MPH.

And that’s when the blue Spartan knew he effed up…

6. Prophet’s Bane

Coming in at number six is Prophet’s Bane, or as it’s called in-game, the Invis Sword.  It’s a fan favorite because while you wield it, you have permanent Active Camouflage engaged.  As long as you move while crouched, you’re nearly impossible to see and radar can’t pick up your movements either.  This sword is for the sneaky players that like to get up close and personal without their enemy knowing what’s going on.  

The sword is made of shaped plasma, with an energy capacity of 100 battery units.  

Poor bastard never knew what was coming.

5. Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory may look like a candy cane but this shotgun brings a whole new meaning to fire power.  This shotgun variant has the kinetic bolts attachment meaning it can disintegrate your enemies. Blaze of Glory works wonders at close range, and sometimes medium range, helping you rack up easy multi-kills in groups.  On top of all that, the entire magazine can be reloaded with one shell. If you like to get in close, there’s no better gun to have in your hands.

Blaze of Glory is pump-action, with a 60 RPM rate of fire, and a 5 shell feed system.

Who’s ready to die?

4. Tartarus’ Gavel

The personal Gravity Hammer of Halo 2’s infamous villain Tartarus can be yours to command.  This beast releases waves of kinetic explosions upon its swing that can also EMP vehicles. When you hear this hammer go off from across the map, you know you’re in trouble.  At close or medium range the Gavel can block some weapons with its powerful blast waves and cuts through all else. A nice bonus to wielding it gives you speed boost, extra shields, and jump height.  The hammer uses a feed system of 100 battery units.

Anybody up for whack-a-mole?

3. Heartseeker

Heartseeker is the legendary Incinerator Cannon, firing a concentrated mass of antimatter explosive particles that’s sure to ruin anyone’s day.  Heartseeker has a 30% increase in range, a wider blast radius, and improved homing than the standard cannon. This thing shoots out miniature suns and anything that gets in its path is evaporated.

The Incinerator Cannon has 100 battery units with 0.2 seconds per burst, and an effective range of 100 feet unscoped.

In case of unwanted molecules existing, please use Heartseeker.

2.  Nornfang

Nornfang is every sniper’s dream.  This sniper rifle gives the user damage boost, meaning it will kill a standard shielded Spartan no matter where on their body you land a shot.  This one-shot rifle comes equipped with explosive rounds, so even if you miss your target, you can still damage them if they’re in proximity to the bullet’s detonation.  The real cherry on top of this weapon is that your motion sensor radar can still be seen while using the scope so you can focus on piling up enemies.

This gas-operated sniper rifle has a 4-round box magazine shooting 14.5×114mm HEAP rounds.

Nornfang, for when there’s an enemy, behind cover, a mile away.

1. The Answer

When the Halo games introduced the SAW, it was met with positive views.  The standard SAW was a drum-fed delight to wield on the battlefield. Then they included The Answer, and Spartans around the globe wept with joy.  This bad mama jama can carry up to 252 rounds, each bullet being a miniature warhead, exploding on impact. The Answer also comes with reduced recoil and greater accuracy, even during full auto fire, only requiring 5 rounds to bring down a regularly shielded Spartan.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran who feathers the trigger, or a new player who prefers spray-and-pray tactics, this gun is the answer to all of your problems.

This saw is gas-operated and drum-fed, shooting 7.62×51mm rounds.  You can carry 3.5 clips in reserve and has a rate of fire of around 900 RPM.  

Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of sweet victory.

How does your list compare to ours, do you agree or would you make some changes?  Let us know in the comments below!

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