15 Best Video Game Soundtracks That Will Make You Feel Awesome: Page 6 of 15

Music to feel awesome to!
Music to feel awesome to!

10. Street Fighter

You know what theme song goes with everything?

Guile’s theme song from the Street Fighter franchise.

Guile’s theme is so epic it has entered the legendary realm of memes. We’re not sure what it would say were we to give it lyrics, (although some enterprising fellows have certainly tried) but it’ll probably be about the search for justice, being a family man (or woman), and the hardships of being a hard, hard individual with no eyebrows.

But hey, Guile isn’t the only world warrior with an awesome theme. Ken’s heavy metal ruckus will burn your face off. Juri’s reminds us why this South Korean femme fatale is the main villain of Super Street Fighter IV. E. Honda’s is all about ancient Japanese culture and the joys of sitting on someone’s face. Dhalsim’s, as bliss in musical form, makes you want to ride elephants and puts you in touch with your spiritual side. And Zangief’s… well, Zangief’s theme is probably about nothing in particular, except getting drunk on vodka while playing bass.

Definitely a franchise with one of the best video game soundtracks!

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