The Best Street Fighter 6 Impressions From Popular Gamers

SF6 Best Impressions
Get ready to know what the community thinks of SF6.

Who are the best impressions of Street Fighter 6 so far?

Capcom is releasing Street Fighter 6 this year, and fans of the franchise and beyond are overwhelmed with how cool the game is looking so far.

So here is a quick compilation of some of the best impressions popular gamers, streamers, and pros are having about Street Fighter 6, now that two Beta versions of the game have come and gone.


15. Majin Obama

Now THIS is REAL Street Fighter! - SF6 Beta Impressions

Start at:  1:30

Majin Obama is an active Content Creator who is always willing to let his voice be heard when it comes to gaming and other associated acts.

He has let his voice be heard when it comes to his opinion about the Drive Impact system. After all, the Drive Impact has very few counterattack options, especially if you’re in the corner, and it is a tool that forces the opponent to react accordingly. We can expect a lot of players testing their opponents' reaction to this and Majin Obama is concerned indeed.


14. NeoGeoNow

Capcom Has Gone Too Far with Street Fighter 6 Graphics

Start at: 3:20

NeoGeoNow provides Youtube content that is mostly based on SNK’s King of Fighter series. The truth is that this content creator has an eye for detail and his videos are filled with knowledge.

His research never ceases to amaze us and he has spoken about his impressions regarding Street Fighter 6’s character designs and graphics. He is just blown away by the sheer amount of work and creativity put into Street Fighter 6’s character designs.

13. HiFight

Street Fighter 6 Combo Showcase Vol.2

Start at 0:00

HiFight overanalyzes tremendous FGC rounds and interactions in a way very few can, and he is very good at exploring new combos.

Well, his take on Street Fighter 6 is of course dedicated to the combos the new game can offer, opening windows of opportunity for players from all around the world.


12. Justin Wong


Start at: 1:00

Justin Wong might very much be the greatest fighting game player of all time. He has countless tournament wins and more EVO 1st places than anyone in history. His video content includes multiple fighting games as Justin’s skill allows him to play at top level in pretty much anything that he chooses to, and he’s a genuine and stupidly cool dude who you can’t help but cheer for.

He recently tried out the Modern Controls for Street Fighter 6. Modern mode allows you to perform auto combos and special moves at simple presses of a button, at the cost of in-game complexity. Seeing a veteran such as Justin Wong win countless games with the Modern Controls and how he takes advantage of the system can be really inspiring or concerning, depending on what you think of the concept.


11. beamthegamer 

This NEW Street Fighter 6 addition is amazing!

Start at: 0:00

Beamthegamer is a competitive Street Fighter V player who mains Ryu.

He is a hard worker, always willing to give his best and to keep pushing his limits.

His take on SF6 is about the newly introduced Dynamic Controls, allowing casual players to do all sorts of cool stuff at the press of a button. Beam analyses how the Dynamic Controls when using them in different scenarios, and how great of an addition this is to the series.


10. Nephew


Start at: 9:18

Nephew’s a great Kolin player who is considered by many the best West Coast player right now. He is swift in producing content and will usually tackle topics and events happening in the FGC before most of the other content creators.

He picked up Juri for the Street Fighter 6 Beta and he has created tons of content about the character. Here we can see him exploit Juri’s biggest strengths as a character, highlighting her huge hit-confirm combos into huge damage.


9. Smug


Start at: 10:03

Smug is a fantastic player who sky-rocketed into FGC icon status during Street Fighter IV, due to his charismatic nature and ridiculous Dudley combos. His Dudley combos are so astonishing and groundbreaking that even to this day we see new stuff coming out of his pocket whenever he goes back to USFIV.

His excitement upon seeing Deejay for the first time in Street Fighter 6 says it all. In the video above you can check his astonishment and unprecedented hype about the newest batch of characters coming into Street Fighter 6, especially about Deejay.


8. Rooflemonger

Everything you need to know about the Parry in Street Fighter 6

Start at: 7:20

Rooflemonger is responsible for releasing incredibly helpful video guides and tutorials. This content is destined for all sorts of fighting games, including, of course, Street Fighter. Fast-paced, clear content is what the man is offering and he sure knows how to deliver.

He talks about how scaling affects Perfect Parry punishes in a negative way. His point is that it makes sense to scale Perfect Parry punishes but it doesn’t need to be scaled so heavily. Some food for thought.


7. Sajam

Street Fighter 6 is a Real Video Game | SF6 Beta Impressions & Feedback

Start at: 7:25

Born in 1994, Sajam is a calm and collected commentator obsessed with analyzing fighting games almost as much as he is obsessed with touching his hair. Sajam always provides rich inputs to the action he is describing and he is a very rational individual, relying on logic and awareness to do his job.

He talks about how meter management is important in Street Fighter 6 and how the willingness to spend it on things like Drive Rush can lead to high rewards at the expense of taking high risks.


6. jmcrofts

Who should you play in Street Fighter 6? A brutally honest assessment

Start at: 2:50

A humble soul with lots of love to spread, jmcrofts is a great guy who is all about sharing interesting stuff related to fighting games.

He will do breakdowns of historical matches, attempt to perform difficult challenges, and simply showcase cool features and mechanics in fighting games.

He recently released a video where he breaks down every playable Street Fighter 6 character so far and who would best be suited for you, depending on your playstyle and other factors.


5. Punk


Start at: 4:50

Punk is better known as one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world, and his skill is so remarkable that his way of playing the game affected the entire meta. The prolific usage of single-hit confirms and his other-worldly reactions are something that Punk brought to the SFV scene and he is particularly known to be able to play with every single character in the roster.

When trying out Street Fighter 6 he found everything he ever wanted in a Street Fighter character in the shape of Ken. Join him on his video as he just completely loses it when faced with the dream come true that is Street Fighter 6’s Ken.


4. Broski

SF6 Beta Post-Wrapup/Review

Start at: 13:16

Broski is a fantastic Oro player from Europe who is always coming up with entertaining content. Most recently he did a series in which he would post a daily combo with each combo having one more hit than the combo before until reaching 99 hits.

He expresses his opinion on how cool the 3 levels of Super are, and why they are such an interesting feature, even when compared to selectable supers or V-Triggers.


3. MC Mura

SF6 isn't what you think it is...Honest impressions

Start at: 0:46

MC Mura is a player from Egypt who likes to take hours of his life to the benefit of Street Fighter fans. He makes videos about every single character in the game, explaining all of the intricacies that go behind each World Warrior, in a very impartial and respectful way. He will let his voice be heard about anything, from combos to core mechanics.

His biggest remark about the upcoming Street Fighter 6 is how different the offensive pressure is from Street Fighter V, in the sense that most normal moves are actually negative on block, meaning that we won’t have block strings that seem to never end, as you can most often than not interrupt the opponent’s offense with your moves.


2. Maximilian Dood

It's EVERYTHING I Wanted: Street Fighter 6 Beta - Day 1 Matches/Impressions

Start at: 4:50

Maximilian Dood is an explosive human being who absolutely loves fighting games and everything about them. His content is hysterical and analytical at the same time, and even though he is not a current pro player, he is probably the most influential person in the FGC, as he single-handedly built a bridge between the casual mainstream audience and the fighting game professional niche.

He’s just taken completely aback and left in awe when experiencing the Street Fighter 6 Beta, and his genuine passion for all the new modes in the game leaves any player with a smile on their face.


1. Brian_F

The Best First Impression of any Fighting Game Ever (SF6)

Start at: 0:00

Brian_F is a beloved competitor and one of the biggest Street Fighter content creators there is. The dude has an amazing sense of humor and is able to turn any regular situation into a hysterical one with a single one-liner. Smirky and confident but not quite cocky, he is also exceptionally good when it comes to technical skills and is never short on new and original content.

His first impressions of Street Fighter 6 were the best impressions he has ever had on any game for that matter, and overall he just thinks the game is looking great in every single way.


Hopefully, this got you more interested in checking what all these amazing gamers have to say about this exciting upcoming game, and you were able to learn more about what to expect from Street Fighter 6.


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