[Top 10] Street Fighter V Most Annoying Characters

street fighter most annoying characters
These guys sure know how to get on your nerves.

Who are the most annoying Street Fighter V characters?

Street Fighter is filled with exciting characters with unique tools and mechanics, but some of them can give their opponents a really hard time.

Whether we’re talking about casual games or professional tournaments, there are a few names out there who can visibly get under the opponent’s skin and can get really annoying. So let’s count them down.


10. R. Mika

Rainbow Mika is not the menace she once was, especially with the introduction of the V-Shift mechanic to the game, but she is certainly still terrifying.

A mix-up character with scary command grabs that can leave you on either side of the screen and which can be powered up by Heated Mic Performance, Mika is really tough to deal with if she gets too close.

As an extra, she has her tag team partner Nadeshiko showing up during her V-Triggers, EX moves, and Critical Arts, for extra layers of set-ups and damage. Overall, if she gets close to you, you’ll find yourself choking and getting hit by combos while fearing her grabbing options.


9. Falke

Falke is one of the rare characters with whom motion inputs are not required to perform special moves, so the margin of error when it comes to execution mistakes is very small.

As a zoner, Falke can keep you at bay by shooting Psycho Power off her staff from anywhere on the screen, even if she’s airborne. In fact, she can even shoot her projectiles under regular ones, so that they’ll hit you even if you’re trying to defend with projectiles of your own.

On top of this, the fact that she uses the staff grants her fantastic range and the frame data of her buttons makes her a massive threat at mid-range.


8. Luke

Luke may be the new face of Street Fighter and own a classic hero name, but he is truly a nightmare for many players.

He is basically good in everything that a character needs to be in this game. One of the best projectiles in Street Fighter V, incredible damage output with extendable combos, some of the best normals in history, easy hit confirms and an array of useful situational special moves are just part of the package.

Luke’s Fully Armed V-Trigger in particular is extremely annoying, as he shoots out multiple projectiles that are hard to react to, and that can make some of his moves like Snapback Combo safe on block. The worst part is that, unlike literally all the other characters’ V-Triggers, Luke’s will regain V-Gauge with time instead of having it drain out, forcing you to attack him when he’s most ready to counterattack.


7.  Rashid

Rashid’s mobility and skillset give him a huge advantage in most match-ups, and his walljump combined with tools like his Ysaar V-Trigger, allow him to do cheeky cross-ups most players will not know how do deal with.

As a rushdown character, Rashid’s fast and has multiple ways to get in and breach through the opponent’s defense. He excels in the air, where he can soar like no other character and constantly change his air trajectory with special moves and V-skills.

He also has a run, not just a dash, giving him further options to get in. Where he’s most dangerous, though, is in the corner, where he can quickly decimate his opponent with frame traps, fantastic crush counters and long combos.


6. Dhalsim

Dhalsim is considered by some the most powerful character in the entire game, and that’s not such a bold statement as some may think.

You see, the thing with Dhalsim is that he has all the tools to be one of the best zoners in the game, but he also has a toolkit that allows him to play a mix-up/set-up, aggressive, rushdown game.

V-Shift came to improve his defenses tremendously and right now Sim is one of the best characters in the game due to his spectacular performance at all ranges. Limbs that cross the screen, solid anti-airs, unconventional projectiles, damaging combos, teleportation, side-switches, and the mighty power of Yoga Gale elevate Dhalsim to a level where if you don’t know the matchup well enough, you’re in for a very hard time.


5. M. Bison

Let’s face it, fighting against Bison are not easy. In fact, Bison has such ease getting on his opponent’s nerves, that many fighters just freeze when dealing with his pressure.

As the master of frame traps, Bison will lock you on block strings and force you to block for your life, punishing every interruption attempt with a dreadful combo. The process repeats itself until you’re too afraid to press any button and when you notice it you have already taken so much chip damage you can’t believe how low your health is.

If you try to go airborne he’ll catch you there as well, if you try to anti-air he’ll stomp your face in the mud, and if you dare to shoot any projectile he’ll just absorb it and shoot it back at you. There’s nothing more disturbing than Bison slowly walking towards you (especially when shielded by an EX Psycho Blast) and you need to make sure you have those V-Reversals ready to stop his overwhelming pressure.


4. Dan

Dan Hibiki was created as a parody character in response to the creation of Ryo Sakazaki when Capcom's rival company SNK released Art of Fighting. Ryo looked like a fusion of Ryu and Ken, so Capcom made a character that looked like Ryo and Robert fused together, the two main characters of Art of Fighting.

Except that Dan was made as a joke character, purposely created to be objectively the worst character in the game, being able to even spend his entire Super Meter just to do a Super Taunt for 0 damage. As the years went by, he gained increasing popularity and his weaknesses were fully embraced and turned into strengths.

In Street Fighter V, Dan’s comical taunts allow him to extend combos and he has been known to be able to perform infinite combos in the corner. What makes him especially annoying though, is the amount of plus-on-block moves he has, allowing him to exert pressure in a way very few characters can, with block strings that never seem to end and frame traps where you least expect.


3. Abigail

Vroom, vroom! The most gigantic character in Street Fighter history is also full of cheap tricks and easy ways to blast his adversaries out of the screen.

He may be slow and lacking invincible reversals outside of his Critical Art, and he has been severely nerfed since his debut, but Abigail still has armored moves, huge hitboxes, a stupid amount of health and stun, and an even stupider damage output.

If your opponent knows how to play Abigail and is good at playing mind games, then it will be nigh-impossible for you to beat him. His Abirun command dash can absorb hits, is cancellable from his best normals, and has multiple follow-up options that can mix you up and hit like a truck. 


2. Blanka

Blanka has to be one of the most shenanigans-filled characters in the game, and he can make you feel like you can’t touch him dealing with so much randomness.

Blanka has tons of complex tools that can be used strategically and rationally, but playing this character randomly can prove just as useful. 

Different arcs of Blanka Balls, mashing electricity on Oki and the ability to side-swich with cross-ups and Surprise hops make the wild beast incredibly annoying to deal with.


1. F.A.N.G

F.A.N.G is not the most popular character in Street Fighter V. In fact, he is officially the least used character in the game, which is in part due to his obnoxious personality and design, but also due to the annoying way he’s played.

Replacing Sagat as one of the 4 Kings of Shadaloo can rub a lot of people the wrong way, and F.A.N.G’s gameplay revolves around poisoning the opponent and then avoiding getting hit so that his foe’s life continues to be drained.

He has great zoning tools and good movement, combined with tons of plus-frames moves, and he just loves the number 2. He loves it so much that a lot of F.A.N.G’s buttons hit twice, nullifying most armored moves in the game. So basically he’ll just poison you and then apply pressure with cheeky frame traps and great ranged normals while avoiding all your moves and screaming annoying stuff with an annoying voice until you’re dead.


Hopefully, this list helped you soothe your soul in knowing that you’re not alone in thinking these characters are super annoying and found this list relatable.

Sure, a lot of these characters are really cool and interesting and some of them even require a good amount of skill to be played efficiently, but you know you can’t just relax and smile when you’re put up against them.


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