[Top 10] Street Fighter Best Comebacks That Are Awesome

street fighter best comebacks
These pros prove that as long as you have health left you can still win.

What are the best Street Fighter comebacks of all time?

Street Fighter has a prominent spot in the world of esports and there have been countless impressive pro players picking the game up throughout the years.

Sometimes, a big gap in health can demoralize even the hardest grizzled veterans, but this list will show you that one can never lose up, despite how grim the situation may appear.


10. Kichipa vs Trashbox (SFV; 2019)

AZ KICHIPA-MU (Zangief) Vs WE-R1 TRASHBOX (Birdie) - EVO 2019 DIA 2 CPT 2019

Trashbox’s Birdie was beating up Kichipa’s signature Zangief badly on the losers bracket and it seemed that he would be able to tie the score.

However, Kichipa harnessed all his fighting spirit and started just overwhelming Trashbox with continuous EX Spinning Piledrivers. No one saw that coming.


9. Chris G vs Vicious (USFIV; 2014)

USFIV: GG Chris G vs UGC Vicious - SDCC2014 - Capcom Pro Tour Top 16

Vicious was playing Yun and completely washing Chris G’s Sakura. The beating was so bad it was actually difficult to watch. There was a moment when Vicious got Chris G stunned but opted for a sweep instead of a jump-in combo that would easily give him the win.

What followed was a wake-up short from Chris G that was converted into a combo on counter hit. Chris G then began laying fireball set-ups and classic Sakura mixups that quickly gave him the win, as he was able to bring Vicious health from maximum to dead.


8. Daigo Umehara vs Infiltration (USFIV; 2015)

USFIV: RZR | Infiltration vs MCZ | Daigo Umehara - Capcom Cup 2015 - CPT 2015

These two were facing each other in Capcom Cup and Infiltration was about to tie the game 2-2, as had half of his life left and Daigo’s Evil Ryu literally had 0 health, meaning that even if he blocked a special move he would lose the round.

Daigo exhibited some otherworldly patience and perseverance and was able to continuously chip Infiltration’s Chun-Li’s health while avoiding being hit. He slowly but surely got to the win, to everyone’s surprise, and amazement.


7. Daigo Umehara vs Muteki (SSFII Turbo; 2003)

SBO Muteki Guile vs Daigo (Ryu)

Street Fighter II is not a game that is known for amazing comebacks, especially since there are not even comeback mechanics in the game, to begin with.

Even so, Daigo was able to pull off an amazing comeback using his Ryu against Muteki’s Guile. Muteki was playing with amazing spacing, forcing Daigo to remain defensive until The Beast completely shifts the momentum and starts pressuring Muteki like a wolverine. He is even hit by a spinning back fist that leaves him with basically no life left, but he’s still able to hit his Shinku Hadoken for the win.


6. Problem X vs NL (SFV: Champion Edition; 2021)

Street Fighter V Final | Problem X vs. NL | Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas

In a grueling first-to-five final match for the Red Bull Kumite in Las Vegas, Problem X had NL to beat and he had many characters to choose from.

Switching character every match, he started losing in a match that seemed lost, when NL had the 3-0 lead until Problem X was able to pull off a reverse 5-0 by sticking to his main character, M. Bison, to win the entire tournament.


5. Daigo Umehara vs Kawano (SFV: Champion Edition; 2021)

Daigo (Guile) vs. Kawano (Kolin) - Grand Final - Capcom Pro Tour Japan 3

Daigo faced off his own protegeé and newest EVO champion Kawano in the grand finals of Capcom Pro Tour Japan in 2021. Kawano was able to reset the brackets so the fight was reaching its climax.

There’s this round where Daigo barely survives a stun combo when he’s backed up against the corner. Daigo wakes up with EX Flash Kick, the first one of the entire set, and gets the distance he needs to start building his comeback. He then activates V-Trigger and uses it for continuous pressure, until Kawano uses EX Hailstorm to regain leverage and attempts a shimmy into a throw. However, Daigo escapes the throw with EX Flash Kick and catches a delayed jab with the Rolling Sobat for the impressive win.


4. Snake Eyez vs Ricky Ortiz (SSFIV: Arcade Edition; 2014)


This run was one of the biggest moments in Street Fighter history as this was a 5-on-5 matchup between multiple players and Snake Eyez was the only surviving man on his team, having to eliminate all 5 opponents in a row.

The last one was none other then Ricky Ortiz, and the final sequence had Snake Eyez make an impossible read. After being stunned and then comboed into a state of near death, Snake Eyez jumped back on the EX Messiah Kick to absorb one hit, leaving him to die on the next hit. Then, Ortiz attempted another EX Messiah Kick, which was successfully challenged by an EX Banishing Flat, leading to a knockdown. And finally, Snake Eyez read Ortiz waking up with a third EX Messiah Kick, neutral jumped, and hit his Ultra Combo for the win.


3. Infiltration vs PR Balrog (SSFIV: Arcade Edition; 2013)

EVO 2K13 SSF4 AE Top 8 Infiltration (Akuma/Hakan) vs PR Balrog (Balrog) [HD]

Infiltration was losing 1-2 on the magnificent stage of EVO, the biggest fighting game tournament there is. Using his standard Akuma was not doing it for the South Korean so he had to change his strategy.

After thinking for long minutes, Infiltration ended up picking the low-tier Hakan, leaving everyone confused. The confusion did not last long as what followed were tough rounds that had Infiltration fighting against Rog’s life lead and needing to oil up every minute. The effort paid off as a couple of genius decisions allowed Infiltration to land his Ultra unexpectedly on multiple occasions, eventually allowing him to move forward in the tournament.


2. Momochi vs Ryan Hart (USFIV; 2014)

USFIV: DIG Ryan Hart vs EG Momochi - Capcom Cup 2014 - Losers Semis

Momochi faced Ryan Hart in a first-to-2 match in the losers brackets of Capcom Cup 2014, where the loser would be sent home. It was the final game, final round, and Ryan was able to play flawlessly against Momochi’s Ken, landing a damaging jump-in combo to start off the round and zoning the Japanese player out with an array of fireballs, without losing a single pixel of health.

In face of defeat, Momochi was able to surprise the opposing Ryu player with a wake-up Shoryuken followed by a combo after an empty jump. Ryan Hart was then surprised further by a long-range poke and a throw, and finally, a cross-up air Tatsu that comboed into Ultra for the comeback win against all odds.


1. Daigo Umehara vs Justin Wong (SFIII: 3rd Strike; 2004)

Official Evo Moment #37, Daigo vs Justin Evo 2004 in HD

This is the single most legendary moment in all of fighting games history, maybe of the entire history of esports.

Justin Wong had Daigo with such low health that he safely used Chun-Li’s Super Art to kill him. Even if Daigo blocked he would still die due to chip damage, and Chun-Li’s Super is so fast and has so many hits that it is impossible to parry. Or is it?

In a shocking turn of events, Daigo was able to parry all 15 hits from Chun-Li’s Super Art, a feat thought to be impossible at the time, and then punish it with a combo into his own Super. The crowd just explodes in excitement and disbelief, and the moment still gives chills down our spine so many years later.


All of these examples just prove that there is no doubt that it’s always possible to come back and win a fight, even going against all odds.

Hopefully, this list showed you incredible moments that you didn’t know about and reminded you of other incredible instances in which we can all be reminded why we love fighting games so much.


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