[Top 10] Street Fighter Most Evil Characters That Are Awesome (Ranked)

street fighter evil characters
From Satsui no Hado to Psycho Power, evil powers run wild.

Who are the evilest Street Fighter characters of all time?

In the world of Street Fighter, the duality between good and evil is ever evident, with few characters really staying in the grey area.

Throughout the years, many villains have crossed paths with the World Warriors, and each of them has a unique personality and a ludicrous agenda. For this list, we’ll be counting down the evilest characters in Street Fighter.


10. Necalli (Debut: Street Fighter V)

Necalli is an Aztec entity acting as a devourer of souls. His entire existence revolves around spawning in the world every few hundred years to look for powerful warriors to kill them and devour their souls.

He is ominous, unstable, and acts and moves like a wild beast, making him all the more unpredictable.

Necalli is a supernatural being, having seemingly been sent from “the Gods” to search for strong fighters and devour them. Scary, eery, and sinister, the Devourer of Souls gets extra points for being extra scary.


9. Gen (Debut: Street Fighter)

A master assassin that does not care about being haunted by the countless souls of all the warriors he murdered, Gen is a mean and powerful old man.

Gen is sharp-tongued, spitting out wise, cold and precise remarks about those he encounters, and has no issues when it comes to openly and comfortably discussing darker themes such as the death of all beings.

He seeks to die fighting formidable opponents and to his own merit, he never opposes weaker fighters or innocent people.


8. Balrog (Debut: SF II: The World Warrior)

Balrog is an absolute terror for any character he fights again. As one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo, this man only cares about 2 things: women and money. He’s brutal, disrespectful, and foul-mouthed and will want to punch anyone who opposes him to a pulp.

He also loves booze to an impressive degree and aims to achieve fame and glory, which is part of the reason he joined the evilest organization in the world. Balrog is brutish, hot-tempered, and reckless, but he does show an amount of empathy towards Ed.


7. Evil Ryu (Debut: SF Alpha 2)

Evil Ryu is the form Ryu takes after being fully possessed by the Satsui no Hado, the dormant power lying within the Ansatsuken artform.

He is a total sociopath driven by murderous rage, disrespecting anyone that opposes him, including his former master Gouken.

Evil Ryu is obsessed with destruction and despises all human concepts deemed to make people weaker such as love and empathy. Metsu!


6. Adon (Debut: Street Fighter)

Adon is a Thai Muay Thai fighter who was once the pupil of Sagat. He’s arrogant and has a massive ego, and has never for once shown any act of benevolence towards any other character, good or evil.

His goal is to become the Emperor of Muay Thai and he has gone as far as even trying to go after Akuma to beat him and feed his own egocentric needs.

Lacking any redeemable traits, Adon is boastful and arrogant to the point of looking down on every fighter he encounters, only seeking personal power and self-satisfaction.


5. Vega (Debut: SF II: The World Warrior)

Vega, known as Balrog in Japan, or Claw universally, first debuted as a sub-boss in Street Fighter II, as one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo. He’s a boastful narcissist who absolutely despises ugliness.

The son of a beautiful mother who was killed by an ugly stepfather, Vega usually fights honing a mask to keep blood droplets from staining his beautiful face, and a signature claw to slash his victims into shreds.

His obsession with beauty makes him commit all sorts of atrocities and heavily influences the way he treats others. In the case of Chun-Li, for example, Vega will try to go to all lengths to kill her because he absolutely hates that she can be more beautiful than him.


4. Seth (Debut: Street Fighter IV)

Seth debuted as the final boss of Street Fighter IV. They’re the CEO of S.I.N., the weaponry division of Shadaloo, and were created as human weapons with attributes from the best fighters from around the world, granting them a cool moveset, borrowing some of the more famous moves in the game. Originally conceived to become M. Bison’s new body, they eventually rebelled against the dictator and organized a big tournament to lure in Ryu to get hold of the power of his Satsui no Hado.

Seth is highly intelligent and merciless, but very calm and composed. Sophisticated, even. They are deeply philosophical and curious about human nature and self-awareness, but at the same time have absolute disregard and lack of compassion towards other forms of life.

Their power derives from a core called the Tanden Engine, which was destroyed by their subordinate, Juri after she betrayed and killed them before Seth was resurrected in the body of one of Shadaloo’s Dolls. This makes Seth the only gender-swapped character in Street Fighter history.


3. Urien (Debut: SF III: 2nd Impact - Giant Attack)

As the tyrant brother of the leader of the Illuminati (or Secret Society), Urien greatly differs from his brother in his approach to leadership, believing in fear and subjugation as effective tools to rule.

Urien is emotionally unstable and has trust issues with anyone but himself, and usually lets his disrespectful and violent tendencies control his actions.

He aims to overthrow his own brother and become the undisputed leader of the Secret Society and is often suspicious and untrustful of anyone but himself. At least he’s got Aegis Reflector working for him, which is likely the coolest and most versatile move in all of Street Fighter.


2. Oni (Debut: SSF IV: Arcade Edition)

Oni is the form Akuma takes after he has become one with the Satsui no Hado.

After reaching this state, Akuma threw away all his remaining humanity and code as a warrior, ditching the goal of defeating worthy opponents and opting to kill any living thing instead.

Oni’s presence is heavy to the point of other fighters considering him a god. Regular Akuma is already probably the most powerful fighter in Street Fighter, next to the likes of Oro or even Gen, so this says a lot about Oni’s potential power.


1. M. Bison (Debut: SF II: The World Warrior)

With dreams of world domination and fueled by the negative energy named Psycho Power, M. Bison will not measure any consequence from his actions in order to achieve his goals and often resources to human experimentation and all other kinds of atrocious crimes against humanity. 

He’s a megalomaniac drug dealer who has died multiple times, but always finds a way to resurrect in a new body. He even controlled Rose’s body for a while and kidnapped multiple teenage girls (including Cammy) to brainwashed them into his private task force known as the Dolls.

M. Bison has caused terrible pain and damage to the world and characters in the Street Fighter universe, and is responsible for traumatic memories in the lives of half the roster, having even killed Charlie Nash by corrupting the Air Force itself.


Evil characters are an integral part of any duality-based story such as Street Fighter and the series has had many iconic and powerful villains over the years. Being so, including all of them on a fair list is an almost impossible task. 

These are the characters we love to hate, and the ones who have committed the evilest actions and who carry the worst personalities. They are not here to make friends or even acquaintances, that much is certain.


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