[Top 20] Skyrim Best Weapons

Skyrim Best Weapons
"Can't wait to gut one of those rebels"

There is a dozen of weapons available to choose from in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. In this article I will be showcasing the best non-craftable unique weapons that can be acquired through quests and found scattered across the world including some of the newer weapons added by the most recent version of Skyrim, The Anniversary Edition. I will also be going over certain builds and playstyles that each weapon might fit.


20. The Blade of Woe 

The Blade of Woe is a unique dagger used by the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid. 

This dagger is a very deadly weapon that has the same base damage as a dragonbone dagger and can be obtained at an early stage in the game. This blade comes with an absorb 10 health enchantment. It is a great dagger to use if you are looking to play an assassin-type character. 

  • This weapon excels when using the “Assassins Blade” perk. This perk makes your dagger do 15x the normal damage and is exceptionally deadly when doing a sneak attack. 
  • You can get this blade early in the game before you even have access to daedric or dragonbone weapons. 
  • This blade will absorb 10 points of enemy damage. This is useful while in open combat as it will regenerate your health.

There are a few ways to obtain this weapon. One way is by killing Astrid instead of the hostages when you are in the shack, this will also start the “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood” quest. The other way of getting your hands on this dagger is by going through the Dark Brotherhood questline normally and completing the quest “Death Incarnate”. You can also pickpocket this blade from Astrid during the quest “With Friends like These”, this can later result in you having two Blades of Woe after you finish the questline. 

Suggested builds:

Assassin: Play as a crafty Dark Elf or Wood Elf and focus on the sneak and one-Handed skills. Sharpen your skills by investing in perks such as “Assassins Blade” perk to increase your sneak attack damage.

Nightblade: Train in the arts of illusion, destruction, sneak, and one-handed combat. Use the Blade of Woe for close-quarter assassinations. For ranged engagements use destruction magic and          when need be, use illusion magic to quickly evade danger. 

Vampire: As a night hunter, use The Blade of Woe to prey on unsuspecting victims. 

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 12
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 0.7
  • Weight - 7


19. Fists of Randagulf

Thanks to the Anniversary Edition we now have many gauntlets to choose from which enhance the player's unarmed attacks. My personal favorite amongst them all are the Fists of Randagulf. 

With an armor rating of 15, these extremely elegant gauntlets deal 20% more points of unarmed and two-handed damage. These fists also protect you from 20% more damage while using a shield. 

  • The user can increase these gauntlets' unarmed attack damage by unlocking the “Fists of Steel” perk from the heavy armor skill tree. 
  • These gauntlets are a great choice for a player looking for an unarmed build. Especially if playing a Khajit and using the “Fists of Steel” perk. 

The Fists of Randagulf can be unlocked after completing the “Caught in a Web” Quest.

Suggested builds:

Brawler: Due to its unarmed attack capabilities. Increase your damage output with the use of the “Fists of Steel perk”. 

The Monk: Focus mainly on restoration and illusion spells to defend yourself or get out of trouble. Use your fists as a last resort to get out of trouble. 


18. Chrysamere

This weapon has appeared numerous times throughout the Elder Scrolls series, it even goes as far back as Elder Scrolls Arena, and even now the Dragonborn can get their hands on this mythical sword. 

What makes the Chrysamere stand out from other weapons are its defensive enchantments as opposed to having offensive enchantments like every other weapon in the game. Chrysamere grants the player 15% fire resistance,  absorbs 10% of the enemy's magicka and it even heals the player during combat. 

  • This weapon’s enchantments do not run out, so you do not need to worry about recharging it.
  • Great weapon for a slow, heavy armor two-handed build as you can be getting damage while constantly being healed. 
  • Very effective against fire mages or fire atronachs as it gives you resistance to fire and also absorbs your opponent's magicka. 

You can get the Chrysamere after slaying The Lost Paladin in the quest “The Lost Paladin”.

Suggested builds:

The Crusader: Specializing in heavy armor and two-handed pair it up with the Crusader armor set to look like a true holy warrior ready to battle hordes of the undead and Daedra.

Witch Hunter: Hunt witches with the help of Chrysamere. Its power protects you from their fire and    absorbs their magicka while healing you.

Paladin: Use this holy relic to smite evil and bring good across the land of Skyrim. 

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 25
  • Speed – 0.8
  • Reach – 1.3
  • Weight - 20


17. Dawnfang and Duskfang

Dawnfang and Duskfang is an extremely unique shapeshifting sword forged by the mysterious Tsaesci race of Akavir added in by the Anniversary Edition. Yes, I said one sword because it is in fact one and not two swords. This sword will change its abilities and appearance depending if it is day or night.

During the day, Dawnfang will deal 7 points of fire damage, and during the night it will cause 7 points of frost damage. It will also absorb 5 points of health or magicka after killing 12 creatures. 

  • Like many other weapons on this list, the enchantments on this weapon do not need to be recharged.
  • Useful against mages as it absorbs their magicka. 
  • Dawnfang is great against any undead due to its fire damage.  

This weapon can be obtained after completing the “A Soul Divided” quest.

Suggested builds:

Spell Knight: Focus on one-handed, light armor, and destruction skills. Use Dawnfang’s and Duskfang’s abilities to deal additional damage to your enemies while weakening them with spells.

The Nightstalker: Duskfang's enchantment makes it an ideal weapon for a night hunter build such as a vampire as it can freeze your enemies and absorb their health.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 14
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 1
  • Weight - 16


16. Ebony Blade

This two-handed weapon is a unique Daedric artifact belonging to the Daedric Prince of lies, sex, murder, and secrets Melphala. 

The Ebony Blade at first seems like a dull and useless blade with a base damage of only 11, but it can be a truly deadly sword once you restore it to its full glory. This weapon has a unique enchantment where the power of the blade increases by killing those who trust you. Once you restore the power of this weapon it will absorb 30 points of health from your enemies. 

  • The Ebony Blade swings as fast as a one-handed sword, it swings faster than any two-handed weapon and even faster than some one-handed weapons.
  • The blades speed paired up with its absorbing health enchantment helps you constantly regenerate health during combat if you’re hitting your enemy. 
  • Once the blade is restored by killing your allies, its enchantment will not run and will not need to be recharged. 

The Ebony Blade can be obtained after completing the Daedric quest “The Whispering Door” located in the Dragonsreach Palace in Whiterun. 

Suggested builds:

The Dark Knight: A deadly warrior wearing a full set of Ebony Armor. He is a formidable force in  defensive and offensive tactics specializing in both Heavy Armor and Two-Handed                  weapon skills. 

Morag Tong Assassin: A hyper lethal killer and dedicated follower of Melphala. He uses the art of    sneaking in the shadows to remain undetected and the power of the Ebony Blade to eliminate his targets.

Corrupt Samurai: Once a highly trained and disciplined warrior of Akavir has now become corrupt by the power of the Ebony Blade. He wears a full set of Blades Armor and wields this weapon            seeking to empower himself as it drains the life of those he strikes. 

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 11
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 1
  • Weight - 10 


15. Zephyr 

Zephyr is a unique Dwarven bow located inside the Dwarven ruins of Arkngthamz. This bow at one point belonged to an adventurer called Katria who met her demise inside the ruins by falling off a cliff. 

What makes Zephyr unique from other bows in the game is it’s faster rate of fire. Zephyr fires 30% faster than a regular bow. 

  • Zephyr excels in ranged engagements with the enemy due to its faster rate of fire. 
  • This bow is great when facing off a group of ranged enemies as it also has high enough base damage. 
  • May not be the best for a sneak archer build as the best type of bow for a sneak archer should have a very high amount of damage irrelevant of firing rate. This bow is best for quick face-to-face situations. With this bow you can run into a bandit camp swiftly clear them out with the quick firing speed of Zephyr. 

This bow can be found in the ruins of Arkngthamz. While inside the ruins, you will come across a chasm where the ghost of Katria will mention she fell and died, she will also mention that her bow is still there on the edge of a log. 

Suggested builds:

Hunter: Zephyr's unique enchantment makes it the perfect weapon for a hunter. This bows ability allows the hunter to take down their prey quickly and effectively. 

The Marksman: This build focuses on Light Armor and Archery to quickly move across the battlefield. Take advantage of Zephyr’s quick firing rate to rush your enemies and quickly eliminate your them.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 12
  • Speed – 1
  • Weight - 10


14. The Longhammer

The Longhammer is an orcish warhammer that can be found inside Liar’s Retreat. 

What makes this warhammer different to every other orcish warhammer in the game is that it is the best two-handed weapon for damage per second in Skyrim. The Longhammer swings 30% faster than a regular warhammer. 

  • If the player has the “Extra Effect” perk unlocked, you can add a total of 2 enchantments new on this weapon, potentially making it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. 
  • Using the “Elemental Fury” shout grants the player the ability to wield this weapon 130% faster. 
  • This is a great weapon for any heavy armor two-handed build due to its fast swing compared to other two-handed weapons.

You can find the Longhammer at the end of the dungeon “Liar’s Retreat”, laying next to the corpse of its previous owner Rahd. 

Suggested builds:

Orc Berserker: Perfect fit for an Orc character. Swing fast and hard to deal maximum damage to your enemies, and with the use of berserker mode obliterate your opponents on the battlefield. Focus on heavy armor and two-handed weapon skills to maximize your abilities.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 21
  • Speed – 0.8
  • Reach – 1.3
  • Weight - 18


13. Dawnbreaker 

Dawnbreaker is a daedric artifact belonging to the Daedric Prince Meridia. Personally one of my favorite weapons in the game, and I'm sure many Skyrim fans can also share my appeal for this weapon. 

The Dawnbreaker is loved not only for its very cool aesthetic but also for its unique ability. This sword is the weapon of choice for the ultimate undead hunter. It burns your targets for 10 points and when you kill an undead enemy with this, it has a chance to release a fiery explosion that destroys nearby undead targets or makes them flee. 

  • The Dawnbreaker is extremely helpful when dealing with several undead in a small space. The weapons explosive ability can clear them out very swiftly.
  • This is a great weapon for someone looking to be a vampire hunter as vampires are also counted as undead.
  • The Dawnbreaker has an extremely high number of charges, meaning you will not need to use that many soul gems to restore its power. 

The Dawnbreaker is given to the player as a reward by Meridia after finishing the quest “The Break of Dawn”.

Suggested builds:

The Vampire Hunter: Use the power of the Dawnbreaker to kill vampires stalking the night and hiding in their hollows.

The Paladin: Bring Meridia’s light into the world and vanquish all forms of undead. Develop your skills in heavy armor, one handed weapons and restoration magic as the ultimate holy warrior.

Spell Knight: Combine your expertise of destruction magic with the power of the Dawnbreaker to      dominate your foes. Wear a set of Spell Knight armor to really complete this look.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 12
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 1
  • Weight - 10


12. The Nightingale Blade

The Nightingale Blade is a one-handed unique sword that at one point belonged to the Nightingale Gallus. It is a leveled weapon so in order to get the most powerful version of this it is best to wait until you are at level 46+.

This blade is enchanted with Absorb Health and Absorb Stamina. When you unlock this weapon at level 46+ these enchantments will do 25 points of damage to health and stamina. 

The Nightingale Blade is a fantastic choice for its enchantments. If you are injured during combat this blade can restore your health by taking health away from the enemy.

Just like the health absorb, the stamina absorb is incredibly useful during very heated combat engagements as normally your stamina can very easily run out. The Stamina Absorb enchantment can restore your stamina making power attacks and block-bashing easier, while tiring your enemy and making it more difficult for them to block your attacks.

 This weapon is a reward that is given to the player after completing the Thieves Guild quest “Hard Answers”.

Suggested builds:

Arcane Blade: Stay light on your feet with the use of light armor, weaken your enemies from a distance with the use of destruction magic and finish them up close with the Nightingale Blade.

The Nightingale: You are an agent of Nocturnal. Using the full set of Nightingale armor you specialize in illusion, light armor, sneak , one-handed, pickpocketing and lockpicking. You are not only a master thief but also a skilled fighter.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 14
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 1
  • Weight - 15


11. The Bloodskal Blade

The Bloodskal Blade is a unique two-handed sword that can be acquired during the quest “The Final Descent” as part of the “Dragonborn” DLC.

Apart from its appearance, what makes this weapon unique is its special ability. Unlike any other weapon in the game, The Bloodskal Blade releases any energy blast that does 30 points of damage to your enemies. To use the energy blast, the player must perform a power attack while at a distance targeting the enemy. The blast is capable of travelling 15 feet so it is very useful against ranged opponents. 

  • While the “Become Ethereal” shout prevents your enemies from dealing damage to you and it also prevents you from damaging your enemies, The Bloodskal Blades energy blast effect still works while using this shout, so technically you can be invulnerable in combat while using this blade.
  • If you’re playing a two-handed heavy armor build you are vulnerable to ranged enemies such as mages or archers. With this weapon you have a way to counteract those enemies with the energy blast effect.
  • The Bloodskal Blades does not need to be recharged with a soul gem and its enchantment will never run out.

To get the Bloodskal Blade you must do the quest “The Final Descent”, located in Solstheim. The quest brings you deep into Bloodskal Barrow where this blade can be found on the remains of Gratian Caerellius.

Suggested builds:

The Arcane Warrior: The Arcane Warrior uses the Bloodskal Blade as his main weapon of choice but he also specializes in a plethora of schools of magic, such as destruction magic, conjuration to summon weapons and atronachs, and illusion to bend the minds of his foes.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 21
  • Speed – 0.75
  • Reach – 1.3
  • Weight - 16


10. Chillrend

Chillrend is a unique enchanted glass sword. It is a leveled weapon so it is best to wait until level 46+ to really get the best out of this sword, but it is still very powerful on lower levels. It has the second highest base damage of any sword in Skyrim after Miraak’s sword. The sword also deals 30 points of frost damage as well as it has a chance to paralyze your enemy for 2 seconds.

Chillrend looks slightly different from a regular glass sword due to its distinct blue color. The blade also has a unique mist and frost sound emitting from it when drawn.

  • This sword is extremely useful when you are attacked by a swarm of enemies, not only due to the high amount of damage it deals but also because it can paralyze enemies, temporarily knocking them out of the fight. 
  • Due to its frost enchantment it can slow enemies down, giving you a great advantage over your opponents, and a chance to get away in case you are overwhelmed.
  • Chillrend comes in particularly useful against certain enemies such as flame atronachs and ash spawns as they have a weakness to frost damage.

This blade can be found inside a cellar beneath Riftweald Manor in Riften during the quest “The Pursuit”. You can also obtain this blade by jumping onto the roof of the Temple of Mara and using Whirlwind Sprint to get yourself across onto the roof of Riftweald Manor. You then have to jump down onto the balcony, pick the lock and break into the house. 

Suggested builds:

The Frost Spellsword: Chillrend’s Frost enchantments perfectly suit an ice spellsword character. They would focus on mainly frost destruction spells and one-handed weapons. Stalhrim armor would fit this build the best. 

The Ice Knight: Similar to the Frost Spellsword except the Knight uses no magic and instead specializes in heavy armor, blocking and one-handed weapons. A full set of stalhrim armor should also be the choice to complete the look.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 15
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach – 1
  • Weight - 16


9. Champions Cudgel 

In my opinion of one of the coolest looking weapons in the game. I prefer to play a one-handed character most of the time but I always seek to obtain this weapon just to hang it on my wall. 

The Champions Cudgel is an Imperial warhammer that is wielded by General Falx Carius. This warhammer has a 50% chance to deal 25 points of shock, fire or ice damage. 

  • It’s enchantments can make it effective against a variety of enemies.
  • The Champions Cudgel is not level so the player can get it very early to get their hands on a high-damage two-handed weapon. 

The player can get this weapon after defeating General Falx Carius during the quest “March of the Dead”.

Suggested builds:

The Brute: This build is all about raw power and aggression. Utilize the most out of two-handed and heavy armor abilities to become an absolute force to be reckoned with. Use an Orc character           for this build to have access to the “berserker” mode to become an unstoppable force.

Imperial Tank: Wearing a full set of Imperial heavy armor you proudly wear the legions insignia and crush any rebels daring to come your way.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 24
  • Speed – 0.6
  • Reach – 1.3
  • Weight - 27


8. Umbra

Another returning weapon from other TES titles, Umbra is a well-known deadly sword. This sword in the lore is said to have its own soul and controls whoever is unlucky enough to wield it, but of course, you the power-hungry Dragonborn still wants to have it.

Umbra is a two-handed sword that comes with three different enchantments. Upon hitting an enemy Umbra will cast Soul Trap and absorb their health and stamina. If the target dies within 20 seconds it will fill a soul gem. 

  • Great against high-health enemies as it deals a lot of damage and absorbs their health. This is also very useful when being swarmed by a group of hostile npcs as your health will be regenerated. 
  • Swinging two-handed weapons can very easily deplete your stamina, thankfully the stamina absorbing enchantment gives you your enemies stamina when you hit them. This also gives you more resources to perform power attacks and deal more damage.
  • Umbra is extremely effective against all enemy types as it deals direct health damage and not any damage that some might be resistant to, such as fire or ice. 

Umbra can be taken after you defeat the Imperial warrior Umbra in the quest “Vile Whispers”.

Suggested builds:

The Corrupt Warrior: A once renowned warrior has now been corrupted by the Umbra. Wearing a full set of Ebony armor he is now becoming the man who he defeated to obtain this sword. You seek power and a lust for blood, just like Umbra commands.

The Soul Stealer: This build focuses on using the Umbra as a way to steal souls from your fallen enemies, with a heavy emphasis on enchanting, two-handed weapons and conjuration.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 24
  • Speed – 0.7
  • Reach – 1.3
  • Weight - 23


7. Auriel’s Bow

Auriel’s Bow is an ancient Aedric artifact, that was said to have been carried into battle by the god Auri-El against the forces of Lorhkan. 

This bow is like no other as it draws its energy from Aetherius (the godly realm within TES lore) and channels it through the sun. Those who possess this weapon must be weary as they wield a bow with great power that can literally have an impact on the world. Shooting Sunhallowed Arrows at the sun will cause beams of sunlight to strike targets in your vicinity. Alternatively, you can shoot Bloodcursed Arrows at the sun which will turn the sun blood-red and enshroud the world in darkness for a full day.

  • Auriel’s Bow is incredibly effective against the undead as it triples the amount of damage for undead targets. Equipped with Sunhallowed arrows it makes it even more deadly. 
  • Firing Sunhallowed Arrows at the sun is a very effective way to deal with a group of enemies. Though you do have to be careful as the beams of sunlight will also target neutral and friendly npcs.
  • If you are playing as a vampire character, blocking out the sun with the Bloodcursed Arrows will stop the player from being hindered by the effects of daylight. 

The player can obtain this bow after defeating “Arch-Curate Vyrthur” during the quest “Touching the Sky”.

Suggested builds:

Aspect of Auriel: Wearing Snow Elf Armor you will wield Auriel’s Bow and specialize in archery, light armor, restoration and destruction.

Dawnguard Hunter: Destroy vampires with the use of this Aedric artifact. You will burn out these blood-sucking creatures from wherever they may hide.

Hunter of the Undead: Use Auriel’s Bow and Dawnbreaker to destroy the undead. Invest in light armor, restoration, one-handed, and archery.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 13
  • Speed – 1
  • Weight - 11


6. Goldbrand 

Goldbrand is an ancient katana that has appeared various times throughout the ages and now has made its way into Skyrim. It is believed that this sword was actually forged by dragons in ancient times, but its origin is a complete mystery.  

Goldbrand has a base damage of 15, this puts it on par with ebony swords and even Chillrend. It has one of the most powerful elemental enchantments of any weapon in the game. It burns targets for 30 points, and if a target is already on fire it burns for extra damage. 

  • Goldbrands enchantment is high effective against most types of enemies in the game. 
  • This weapon is fantastic at eliminating the undead as they have a weakness to fire. 
  • The Goldbrand has a very high damage per second of 15 which makes it one of the highest in the game among one-handed weapons.

The Goldbrand becomes available after completing the quest “A Matter of Pride”.

Suggested builds:

Akaviri Warrior: The Akaviri Warrior is a highly trained and disciplined warrior. He is trained in the use of heavy armor, blocking, and one-handed weapons. He uses this katana as well as a full          set of Blades Armor equipped with a Blades shield.

The Fire Spellsword: Use to mix of magic and melee combat to your advantage. Learn the art of fire destruction magic to combat your enemies at range and finish them at close with the Goldbrand. Equip yourself with light armor to always remain light on your feet.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 15
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach-1
  • Weight - 17


5. Headman’s Clever

This incredibly mighty Headman’s Clever is yet another awesome weapon added in by the Anniversary Edition. 

The Headman’s Clever has a very high base damage of 15 which is on par with the Daedric Battleaxe. It does have a slower swing speed than other battleaxes of 0.6 but its damage per second is high at 15. What also makes this weapon unique is that it has a reach of 1.35 which is 0.05 more than nearly every other battleaxe in the game. 

  • The Headman’s Clever really fits in aesthetically for anyone looking to play as a heavy orc character. 
  • This weapon can be obtained early in the game which gives the player a huge advantage. Though one must be weary as to get this clever you have to face off against an opponent wielding it, which can be quite difficult on a lower level. 
  • The 1.35 reach of the Headman’s Clever can give the player a slight advantage over many weapons in the game. 

To get your hands on the Headman’s Clever you must defeat the Darkwater Snake in the quest “Blood on the Water”.

Suggested builds:

The Executioner: Pair this weapon with Executioner Robes and Executioner Hood for a fearsome look. Invest in heavy armor and two-handed weapons.

Orc Tank: Decimate your opponents as the Orc Tank. Invest in two-handed, heavy armor and smithing. Wear a full set of Orc armor and use Berserker Mode to devastate your enemies. 

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 25
  • Speed – 0.6
  • Reach-1.35
  • Weight - 24


4. Windshear

This unique, one-of-a-kind scimitar rests on the ship “The Katariah”.

At first glance, this curved sword may not seem like much but what makes it so special is its unique ability. Windshear is capable of staggering your opponents when in combat and even has a chance of paralyzing them when block bashing with it. This makes this weapon hugely OP, basically broken as it can render your enemies completely incapable of fighting back. 

  • The enchantment on this weapon never runs out so you do not have to worry about recharging it.
  • You can create a deadly combo by dual-wielding Windshear with another powerful one-handed weapon such as Chillrend. Enemies will constantly get staggered while dealing double the damage. 
  • It is extremely versatile and can be used against any enemy be it dragon or giant. This weapons effect causes your enemies to be incapable of attacking or defending themselves.

 You can find this weapon lodged into the bowsprit of the ship “The Katariah”.

Suggested builds:

The Duel-Wielder: Pair up Windshear with another powerful weapon like Goldbrand to swiftly slice through your enemies. Use Windshear to quickly stun them and then take them out using your other weapon. Invest in one-handed weapons to maximize your damage outcome and light armor to move fast and stay light on your feet.

Al’akir Warrior: A deadly warrior coming from Hammerfell. He is trained in fire destruction magic for ranged engagements and uses Windshear in close quarters combat. He is easily recognizable wearing redguard robes.

The Pirate King: The pirate king wears a pair of captain’s clothes and wields his beloved sword,        Windshear. Invest in one-handed, alteration, and destruction magic.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 11
  • Speed – 1
  • Reach-1
  • Weight – 10


3. The Staff of Hasedoki

In my opinion one of the best items added by the Anniversary Edition. This unique staff can give you lots of fun thanks to its special ability. 

One of the most distinct staffs in this game, The Staff of Hasedoki comes with many very cool and useful powers. First of all, it can soul trap your enemies if they die within 60 seconds after you used this staff on them. Having the staff drawn will cast a constant ward that protects the player, and finally the best of all. The Staff of Hasedoki has an ability like no other weapon in the game, (I'm really hyping it up) when you cast it on an enemy the staff's knockback effect will ragdoll the npc launching them back, just like the Unrelenting Force shout. It is always fun to watch ragdoll npcs in this game.

  • The Staff of Hasedoki comes in very handy when facing off more powerful and higher level enemies as you can just launch them away which can make them die from the fall damage, or the impact can hurt them enough to the point where they can be easily finished off on the ground. 
  • If you are being overrun by a group of enemies, this staff can be especially helpful as you can quickly eliminate them one by one. If you have a cliff or edge nearby then with this staff, you are at a great advantage as you can just send your opponents flying off it.
  • While the Unrelenting Force shout is useful in eliminating a swarm of enemies packed together it is not so good for targeting single enemies which may be allies or other friendly npcs. This staff only affects one npc at a time so you can use it in close proximity to your allies without the fear of it hitting them. 

This staff can be obtained after completing the quest “The Staff of Hasedoki” where you must battle a mage wielding this staff. This fight can be frustrating as the mage does not hesitate to use this staff's power on you, constantly sending you flying back.

Suggested builds:

The Idiot Wizard: Unfortunately for everyone, one idiot got his hands on the Staff of Hasedoki. He failed the College of Winterhold and now wants to get revenge by pushing everyone around.  He moves from place to place and lives off food he steals from inns. Guards cannot catch him as he constantly pushes them away with this staff. He is always seen wearing a chef's hat and necromancer robes. 

The Necromancer: Use the staff of Hasedoki to harvest the souls of your victims. 

The Pacifist: The Staff of Hasedoki protects you from any incoming spells. If you have no other choice use the staff to push your enemies away in your own self-defense. 


2. Bow of Shadows

Probably my favorite bow within the game. The Bow of Shadows is a fantastic addition coming from the Anniversary Edition. This Daedric weapon is an amazing choice for someone looking to do yet another sneak archer playthrough. 

This bow forged by the Daedric Princess Nocturnal comes with some powerful abilities as it has an extremely fast firing rate, and it cloaks the player, making them invisible upon drawing the weapon. 

  • This bow is vastly superior to nearly every other bow within the game, with its fast rate of fire you can easily dominate archers and other ranged enemies. 
  • The Bow of Shadow’s invisibility power helps the player stay hidden within the shadows and lets them easily get out of trouble if need be. 
  • Apart from being a great choice for an archer/assassin this weapon can also be incredibly useful for a thief build as it grants the user invisibility. 

This bow can be obtained after killing the assassin in the Dragonsreach Palace during the quest “In The Shadows”.

Suggested builds:

The Assassin: Sneak in the shadows using this bows cloaking ability to quickly take out your enemies. Invest in light armor and archery.

The Thief: The Thief does not use this bow for offensive reasons but only to make himself invisible and to evade danger. The thief is a master of stealth, lockpicking, pickpocketing, and one-handed. 

The Marksman: The Marksman dominates the battlefield with this bow’s quick rate of fire. Swiftly taking out enemies before they even get a chance to react.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 19
  • Speed – 0.9375
  • Weight – 18


1. The Nerveshatter

Up until the Anniversary Edition the highest base damage two-handed weapon was the dragonbone warhammer, but now this crazy-looking weapon takes its place. The Nerveshatter is made from madness ore, an ore native to the Shivering Isles. A realm belonging to the Daedric Prince of madness Sheogorath. 

The Nerveshatter has a whole 29 base damage with an incredible 20 damage per second. One of the highest in the game. Apart from its incredibly high base damage, it is also enchanted with some powerful magic effects making it extremely deadly. The NerveShatter will cause your enemies to receive 30 points of shock damage and half as much magicka damage. That’s if they even survive the initial blow from this crushing weapon. 

  • Extremely deadly making it effective against all types of opponents. Can nearly crush through most of your enemies in one strike.
  • Great to use against any magic based enemies such as mages or atronachs due to its shock damage and magicka absorption enchantments.
  • Having the Augmented Shocks perks unlocked can increase Nerveshatters shock damage output. 

The Nerveshatter can be found inside Crystaldrift Cave during the “Nerveshatter” quest.

Suggested builds:

The Demolisher: The Nerveshatter is an ideal weapon for a pure offense-focused build. Invest heavily into heavy armor, two-handed weapons, and smithing to be able to deal great amounts          of damage and easily shrug off enemy attacks. Best to play as an Orc to gain access to the “Berserker Mode” ability.

The Madman: The Madman is a true follower of Sheogorath. He does not wear any armor or clothes. Invest your skills into two-handed weapons and alteration magic to be able to cast spells    such as Ebonyflesh.

Weapon Details:

  • Base Damage – 29
  • Speed – 0.7
  • Reach-1.30
  • Weight – 29
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