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Best Open World Zombie Games

5. Dying Light

First-person perspective, beautiful high-res graphics and a vast urban wasteland- everything you need for a truly immersive, terrifying gameplay experience.

Enjoy blissful freedom of movement with the ability to climb walls and fences, free running over rooftops and all-new fighting styles. And you’re going to need them. Not only are the dead a threat, but you’ll have to fight other desperate survivors if you want to gain vital resources such as food, water and weapons.

By day, you are the cunning hunter, cutting down the undead in swathes and fearlessly exploring the abandoned city. But when it comes to the night, everything changes. Watch the hunter swiftly become the hunted, as not only the dead are rising against you, but another unseen force lies in wait to claim you as its own… The Night Hunter is much stronger than the horde, and you would do well not to underestimate it.

The game also has a four-person multi-player mode, so check out Dying Light on your own, or bring your friends along for the epic ride. It’s all up to you.

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