The 50 Best Open World Games for PC in 2017

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The Best Open World Games Worth Playing Right Now in 2017

Many gamers love to explore the world that developers have created for them.  It allows us as players to truly delve into the video game, and take on the role of our character.  Whether it be a crime syndicate boss or a stealthy assassin, we all want to imagine that greatness for a while.  Having expansive, open environments for us to take in helps with that feeling.  Some games have so much to explore that a gamer may spend hours playing without actually touching the storyline.  And that can be an amazing thing.

1. Bless Online

Enter a world that is at constant war.  There is the Holy Empire Hieron to the north that defends their territory for hundreds of years.  In the southern part of the continent is the Union Alliance, a military faction that has rivaled its neighbor to the north.

In this MMORPG, players will choose a race and class, which will ultimately determine which of the two factions they belong to.  There are ten races to choose from, each with their own strengths and skills available from the start.  Upon choosing a race, it is time to pick a class.  With six class available and two more on the way, a player can craft their character the way they see fit, following a Dungeons and Dragons style of creation.

Depending on the kingdom they are delved in, players will have to either defend their homeland or help the other side bring it down.  Adventure along on various quests given by the game to follow the storyline, and perhaps turn the tide in this century-long conflict.

The game is currently in Closed Beta.  Open Beta is scheduled to be released soon.

Fight against colossal beasts with dozens of other players

2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In the aftermath of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss falls into a coma.  Nine years later he reawakens to help a new mercenary group Diamond Dogs.  Taking the codename “Venom Snake” he ventures into Afghanistan to track down the men responsible for the events of Ground Zeroes.  Snake soon unearths a plot by the Cipher Organization to develop a new model of Metal Gear.

Take on the role of Snake in an open world environment.  Given a repertoire of gear, including binoculars, pistols, and explosives.  The game encourages players to traverse the open game world without killing enemy combatants.  Travel with cars and tanks, and the occasional horseback through the mountains.  Have companions join in on the missions, like Quiet, the silent female sniper with supernatural abilities.

There is a base-building system that allows players to develop weapons and items for their home base.  Recruiting enemy soldiers and prisoners also make a return from previous installments to help guard the location.  Players have the option to access their base from their smartphones or other devices through an application.

Money is available by collecting objects found all over the map, such as diamonds.  It is needed to upgrade the base-defenses or to upgrade the abilities and weapons of snake’s equipment.  Even his prosthetic arm can be modified with features like a remote control to fly it as a drone.  New to the series is a night-and-day cycle that runs in real-time.  Traveling from one location to another will affect the time of day a player arrives at said destination.  The cycle can be quickened by a device known as the “Phantom Cigar”.  The passage of time enables players to analyze enemy movement in areas and can shift sentry patrols through patrol routes.  Weather can also take effect, with sandstorms and rain that can shift the environment.

Travel through the desert with style.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5

Nine years after the botched robbery at Ludendorff, former bank robber Michael Townley lives under the witness protection with his family in Los Santos, San Andreas.  Under the alias of Michael De Santa, he becomes indebted to a drug lord, and is forced to go back into a life of crime.

Taking on the same classic “GTA” style of gameplay, players will have to run, jump, swim, or drive their way through San Andreas.  New vehicles have been introduced that were absent in the prequel like fixed-wing aircrafts.  Flying over the city brings new perspective and exploration to the world.  The game world has grown since previous installments, and can be fully explored after the game’s tutorial area without any restriction.  Although story-based missions will allow more gameplay content to be unlocked.

Missions will get violent so get ready for some combat.  Melee attacks may work from time to time, but it is often the firepower that makes the difference.  Auto-aim and a cover system can be used to get a leg up against enemies during shootouts.  Health will regenerate only to half when too much damage is taken.  Jump between three different characters as you progress through the story, each with their own set of eight skills.  Certain expertise is unique to the character, and an eighth “special” skill determines the effectiveness in performing certain feats.  For instance, Michael can enter “bullet time” in combat, which slows his perception of time.

While free roaming the game world, players have the opportunity to engage in specific activities like scuba diving or BASE jumping.  Smart phones allow for contacting “friends” and start activities or access the internet for stock market play.  Use the money collected from missions to buy homes and business to create your very own criminal empire.

Reports show that the game will be receiving some downloadable content, including new bikes, and a biker group.

Duck and cover during a firefight.

4. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Set 200 years before its predecessor, it is the decline of the Calradian Empire.  In its downfall, kingdoms have begun to form and territories have started to expand.

In this single-player, action-oriented RPG, it is time to build an empire in the lands of Calradia.  Taking a hold of the sandbox style play, utilize a point and click program to design your castle as well as its defenses.  Build the best structure to fend off invading forces.  And once the kingdom has been secured, it is time for the player to go on the offensive.  Recruit one of the six major factions that are composed of different fighting clans scattered across Calradia.  Each group has their own army of different classes of fighters.  Northern Empire specializes in heavy cavalry, spearmen, and archers.  Meanwhile the Battanians make use of their woodlands to develop ambush tactics with archers.

Join into the multiplayer with up to sixty-four players and have your own character and class based on military units among the faction ranks.  Upgrade your army in campaign mode to become the ruler of a faction.  Spend gold on more powerful equipment, using a balanced system that makes combat more exciting without giving an advantage to the leading team.

The game is currently under development, but is said to be released sometime this year.

Watch the sun rise on the dawn of battle

5. Rust

It is time to survive the harsh elements of the open world video game.  Players start with nothing other than a rock and a torch, and are forced to rebuild in order to live.  While wolves and bears are threats in the environment, the real enemy are other players.  The game is built around a permanent multiplayer PvP matchup combat.  Players must explore the forests in order to cut down trees and collect stones to help build shelter and craft tools.  Mine and kill to gather cloth, food, metals, and sulfur.  By leveling up, players will be more capable of crafting more complexed gear needed to survive.

Along with the exploration of gathering items, there is also the concept of airdrops.  These often occur at random, and are filled with supplies in order to help a player out.  This causes a rush of players to the drop who want its supplies.  Often the supplies are meant to help with combat.  Bows, melee weapons, and even guns can be sometimes found in these drops.  Damage is calculated using a tracking system, making shots to the head and chest deal more damage than if hit in the leg.  Besides bullets and beasts, players must also fend off starvation by going out and making sure they are fed.  The harsh environments also can lead to death including drowning and hypothermia.

Hunt in order to survive

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