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Best Open World Zombie Games

4. 7 Days To Die

You’re in Arizona, and so are the zombies. Obviously. We would say “but fear not”, but actually you will almost certainly die. Very quickly. Pitted against hordes of nocturnal zombies that can and will invade your home, natural wildlife that definitely wants to kill you, and a worrying lack of resources, the question isn’t whether or not you’ll die. It’s when, and how.

But while you’re waiting, feel free to explore a multitude of biomes, including cities, caves, and… Snow? In Arizona? But hey, it’s the apocalypse, so who knows. You can build and craft (integral to night time survival), as well as run away as fast as possible from the increasingly aggressive mutant-zombie-things.

However, if running isn’t so much your thing, you can also distract them, try to get past using stealth, or just, you know, hack and slash your way through as many as possible before dying an ultimately painful and grisly death.

Pro tip: Build traps around your base. The zombies can and will climb structures/tear them apart piece by piece to get to you. They’re actually worryingly intelligent. So have fun with that.

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