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Best Open World Zombie Games

7. Dead Rising 2

Chuck, a motocross racer, is trapped in a shopping mall during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and must make do with whatever weapons he can find and/or shoddily assemble (although seriously, why is there dynamite in a mall?) in order to destroy the undead and other “survivors” (read: murderous psychopaths) and complete his missions and ultimately escape.

Obviously, the dead are trying to kill you. That’s a given. But now, unstable humans are doing the same. Why aren’t the undead attacking them? Who knows? But neither side is pulling any punches. And then there’s you, with your household rake, and some tape, and… Is that a car battery? I have an idea…

Dead Rising 2 continues the ancient tradition of video games that should really have a “Do Not Try This At Home” sticker before each scene. Because when you tape two chainsaws to a canoe paddle, the results are likely to be murderous only to yourself. Will Chuck survive, or be killed by the inevitable uncontrollable recoil of such a weapon? Or, (much more likely, with videogame logic) will he die with zombies as the cause? That’s up to you.

Oh, and there’s multiplayer arena mode. Happy hunting.

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