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Best Open World Zombie Games

10. Unturned

You’re abandoned on the map of your choice with no items and are tasked with finding weapons and resources to help you survive against zombies, not to mention the environment in general.

With a blocky design similar at first glance to Minecraft and a GUI reminiscent of HTML design class in 8th grade, Unturned may at first not seem too promising. But with multiple game modes and maps, vehicles, weapons and skills developed by experience, the game actually has a lot of hidden depths.

Additional features include multiplayer mode, random boosts to skills, and the ability to run down a road full of zombies with a school bus. Which is a personal favourite.

There is a fairly steep learning curve in this game, as you learn the basics of survival. Tip: don’t skip the tutorial. The controls take some getting used to, and you don’t want to be trying to learn how to fill a magazine when a zombie is coming for you. Plus, some of them are very, very fast.

Luckily for all you low-res zombie lovers out there, Unturned is currently free on the Steam store for all the foreseeable future, and took about a minute to download, even with a horrific internet connection. So get to work, troops.

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