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10 Noob Mistakes in League of Legends
Bring your game to the next level with these LoL tips!

10) Not Buying Runes at Level 20

Runes are somewhat easy to overlook at first, they cost IP and seem to do very little. But ignoring this essential building block of your champion puts you at an extreme disadvantage. It is best to wait until you are level 20 because that is when you get access to the highest level of runes, and ensures you get the most bang for your buck. Here is a good rune guide to help you get started.

Rune, LoL

Runey toons

Try eliminating these problems from your game, and your win ratio should shoot up immediately. I can't help you with your teammates though. Most unfortunately you will probably pull your hair out once you are aware of just how many people are commiting the sins against the LoL gods discussed in this list. Just tell them to come to Gamersdecide.com and make a sacrifice!

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