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Multiplayer Horror Games
No horror game list is complete without a masked killer

7. Friday the 13th

The immensely popular film series gets a modern twist in this third-person multiplayer. For the first time play as the hockey-masked menace. Stalk your prey at Camp Crystal Lake and unlock kill, weapons, and different versions of Jason from the movies.

Or, play as a partying camp counselor and run from the legendary slasher as he gets his revenge. Each counselor is programed with a certain skill, strengths, and weaknesses. Work together with other players utilizing your each unique skill set to escape Camp Crystal Lake alive.

Old school horror gets a modern makeover in this game.

Jason has the best kills. Fight me.

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david916 5 years 1 month ago

Also add Five night at freddys too, ( https://fnafworlddownloadfree.com ) . the series is amazing.

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