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There’s a time for competitive games, and a time for casual games.... Read More
Cute, Shooter Games, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch
Sometimes, gamers who tend to play in one genre like to test out... Read More
Pickaxes are a staple in Fortnite. When you drop from the battle bus... Read More
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Fortnite Chapter 5 introduced us to a new set of Assault Rifles, with... Read More
Along with a new map, new weapons, and even higher stakes, Fortnite... Read More
Shotguns are arguably the most important weapon class in Fortnite.... Read More
Best Fortnite Weapons
Ready for more Victory Crowns? Lead your team to the #1 spot and rule... Read More
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Is our precious Fortnite dying? Let’s take a look at the facts and... Read More
fortnite popularity, fortnite 10 reasons for popularity, fortnite game, why is fortnite so popular
Fortnite is still kicking and you know it, baby. Fortnite was... Read More
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We need to be armed to the teeth! Fortnite is all about mechanics... Read More
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These are the most powerful bows in the game. Fortnite really... Read More
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These are the people you need to watch. Fortnite is loved by... Read More
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Want the best maps for your trio to practice and have fun on?... Read More
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You need these tunes in your lobby, trust me. When you get boxed... Read More
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You need to get these bad boys on your back right now! Fortnite... Read More
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What are the rarest emotes in Fortnite? Fortnite has been loved... Read More
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The wait times won't be boring now. The wait times after you load... Read More
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Are you sure you’re carrying the best shotgun in the game? Don’t... Read More
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I’m sure you must be thinking how did we go from Fortnite being a... Read More
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Want to reach for the sky? Look cool while doing so. Fortnite is... Read More
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You must wonder why building maps are even a thing. This article... Read More
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Even in Fortnite you need to have the best fit. Win in style!... Read More
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Like Roblox? Here are 10 games that have almost the same game style... Read More
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