[Top 5] Valorant Best Shorty Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 5 best Valorant shorty skins from average to best

The shorty is a two-barrel shotgun that costs around 200 credits in-game. It’s a reliable eco gun that can surprise the enemy if they didn’t clear you and just blast them in the back with a shorty while getting their weapon. With that in mind, let’s look at the skin riot graced the shorty with:

5. Aerosol Shorty


The aerosol shorty has a unique graffiti-like design to it that people love. Included in the battle pass of Formation: Act 1, the aerosol shorty, among its colleagues, is a skin worth its buck. The aerosol Shorty has:

  •  unique skin design
  •  great feel in-game

The aerosol Shorty has an excellent feel and looks incredibly cool in the game. While the Aerosol bundle is not available anymore in the valorant store, it was available during Formation: Act 1. It cost 500 VP to buy the battle pass.

4. Genesis Shorty


The Genesis Shorty Collection is a collection of cosmetics during the Reflection: Act 3, battle pass. It has a unique style to it that players love. Its design is a gold-finish gun with several intricate details on it. People love this shorty skin for its:

  •  cheap price
  •  great in-game feel

Unfortunately, the genesis shorty is not available in the valorant store. It was purchasable during Reflection: Act 3 battle pass for 500 valorant points. However, we’ll still include it in the list because it looks cool!


3. Wasteland Shorty


The wasteland Shorty has a definite unique style to it you can’t ignore. Having a look like it’s made from scrap, several players grabbed this skin for its simplicity and rugged feel. People enjoy this skin for its:

  •  simplicity
  •  affordable price range
  •  great in-game feel

This is purchasable in-game for 1,275 valorant points. So go get that wasteland Shorty, and surprise your enemies by popping their heads from the corner!

2. Prism II Shorty


The Prism shorty is one of the gun skins included in the Prism II collection. It has a metallic solid pink to it that players can’t help but love. The set also has its outstanding features as well such as:

  •  beautiful and elegant skin colors
  •  fantastic in-game feel

The Prism II shorty is a must-have, especially for minimalists that are tired of guns that have effects. The prism bundle costs 2930 in-game, while the shorty only costs 875 valorant points.

1. Oni Shorty

The Oni skin collection has a different variety of awesomeness to it. This skin collection will not disappoint from the Oni Claw to the Oni Shorty. The Oni shorty has a remarkable feel to it, and its finisher is pretty clean, we must say. Take that from someone who owns one, and we can swear to you it’s one of the best skins that a shorty has to date. The Oni shorty is known for:

  •  its in-game effects
  •  impressive color schemes
  •  awesome finisher
  •  a great feel in-game

The Oni skin collection added a premium feel to the shorty. The bundle costs 7100, but the shorty alone costs 1775 with additional radianites for its upgrades.


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