[Top 15] CSGO Best Radar Settings And Tips

Win the round by outsmarting and outplaying the enemy.

#15 See the whole radar

Situational awareness is a must if you want to win the game. CS:GO’s default radar style inhibits the players’ awareness because it only shows them a limited view of the map. Being able to see the radar or mini map enables players to quickly determine where they are. 

How to apply this setting:

  • Open the console command by pressing the Tilde button (~)
  • Type in or paste the code   


#14 Keep the radar centered

As previously mentioned, CS:GO’s radar doesn’t have the best layout. Apart from the limited range, it also tracks the player’s movement across the map, which adds another layer of unnecessary confusion. This command fixes this issue by rendering the radar static.

How to apply this setting:

  • Open the console command.
  • Paste the code cl_radar_always_centered 0


#13 Disable the radar from rotating

What is it with CS:GO and its poorly designed radar? The radar on your HUD rotates whenever you make a turn, which can severely affect how you determine where you are on the map. Disabling this feature prevents the radar from confusing the player.

How to apply this setting:

  • Pull up the console command.
  • Punch in the code cl_radar_rotate 0.


#12 Adjust the scale of the radar

Different playstyles come with different preferences. Is the radar too big or too small for your liking? Say no more, because this neat command allows you to adjust the scale of the radar.

How to apply this setting:

  • Open the console command prompt.
  • Type the code cl_hud_radar_scale X.
  • Replace the X to your preferred value, this determines the size of the radar. Remove the parentheses and hit enter.


#11 Make radar icons larger

Aside from adjusting the radar’s size, players are also free to adjust the size of the icons on the map. Resizing the icons on your radar will enable you to strategize better with the team.

How to apply this setting:

  • Open the console command.
  • Copy and paste the code cl_radar_icon_scale_min 1.


#10 See the whole radar when opening the scoreboard

This command changes the radar’s default shape to a square map. Quick peeking at the scoreboard while being able to survey a larger map can provide you with additional advantage.

How to apply this setting:

  • Open up the console command.
  • Input the code cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard 1.


#9 Disable the bomb icon under the radar

This command doesn’t necessarily adjust the radar’s settings; instead, it disables the bomb icon underneath the radar, regardless of whether you are carrying the bomb or not.

How to apply this setting:

  • Pull up the console command.
  • Type in the code cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 0.


#8 Use the last known location of your enemies to your advantage

The radar also enables players to determine the previous known locations of terrorists. The location of the terrorist who slayed one of your teammates will be automatically pinged to the radar. This crucial bit of information allows the remaining players to act and strategize accordingly.


#7 Flank your enemies 

Now that you know where your enemies are, it’s only a matter of time before they get caught off guard. CS:GO’s maps feature interconnected and branching paths, use this to your advantage and flank your enemies.


#6 Smoke entry points

Preventing your enemies from pushing forward is integral to securing a win. The best way to achieve this is to use Smoke grenades at entry points; theyl obstruct your opponent’s view and deter them from pushing forward.


#5 Set up defendable vantage points 

A good vantage point could make or break your game. Controlling the tide of the match requires knowing where to camp and set up position.  It enables players to effectively defend a site from advancing enemies.


#4 Let your teammates know your location

Giving your teammates a heads up on your current location enables them to act quickly if enemies are making a push towards your location. Instead of looking at the radar and determining who died where, your teammates could simply move to your last known position.


#3 Check your teammate’s locations frequently

Communication is a two-way process; each member must communicate their current location while keeping tabs on the locations of their teammates. So, if one of your teammates is in trouble, you can simply move towards their area and lend a hand.


#2 Determine areas that are frequently camped on

Knowing where your teammates and enemies are, as well as possible camping or ambush points, will give you a significant advantage. It allows you to prepare before advancing forward. This also let’s you know where they are possibly headed and what they could be planning.


#1 Coordinate with your teammates when making a play

There is no “I” in team. A well-coordinated team allows each member to contribute to the cause and carve a path to victory. Each member must communicate and work with the team when strategizing; this will enable the entire team to execute a play perfectly and triumph over the enemy.


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