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Shogun, Total War, Daimyo, Japan, Feudal, War, Tactics, 4X, Samurai, Game
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9. The King’s Crusade (2010)

Special attention has been put into details

Developer: NeocoreGames

Genre: Real-time strategy, role-playing

King, Crusade, King's Crusade, Crusader, Templar, Holy War, War, Game, Tactics, Strategy

This is sure to end unwell

Taking the role of either Richard the Lionheart or the Sultan Saladin, this game lets you play out the Third Crusade in all its horrors.

Aside from the strategic turn-based experience we all know and love, king’s Crusade places special focus on the real-time combat component. Adding significant tactical depth is the ability to fine tune your units in-between missions, as well as their ability to level up from good combat performance. Mission variety is impressive, and you'll be given multiple objectives before every rollout. Eliminating the enemy, sieges, and defensive battles of attrition are merely some of the many things you will have the honor of doing.

All in all, The King’s Crusade is a consistently fun and detailed strategy game that we can easily recommend to fans of the genre.

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